Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today we went to the Animal Farm for our "Play group". This was our first official one where we ALL came and then some. A while back I mentioned that we had been trying but kids kept getting sick and such. But today everyone came, with a couple extra guests. (Kory took work off to come, I mean really folks its animals, so of course right? Also my dear friend Diana has been here from San Fransisco this week, so her and her mom came as well) It was really fun, I am glad everyone braved the early morning drive to be there.

Two Dudes Diggin the chicks! (Just FYI they are giving these chicks away for free to a good home)


Goats say "BAHHH!"- Axel

Little lambs- The baby lambs were so cute and would come right up to the boys and follow them as they walked along the path, but both boys were pretty nervous about them if they got too close.
This one nibbled on Axel's fingers...
He was not a fanI am pretty sure this is going to be my next haircut....

Holy Cow! This cow was ultra friendly, and thought all the kids were very tasty. Her tongue wrapped all the way around Axel's leg!
And we were trying to get a picture of Felix with the cow since he wasn't as into the animals as the other kids just yet, but since this cow was right on his level we thought it would catch his attention, and it did not disappoint.
This picture is either before/after or during, but it totally licked his entire face!

And he went from ear to ear grin to this, he was NOT a fan.
And Story liked the cow, but she kept her distance when she saw it was giving out kisses, which you would be surprised since this girl hugs just about anyone and everyone.
Hay Ride
We got to go on a Hay Ride, it was lame scenery of nothing but chopped down trees and empty fields, but it was nice to come together and visit...except when Axel and Ashdon almost fell off the back, good thing Ashley grabbed them!

Grandma and Gauge

Kory and Axel
Ashley and Ashdon
Kelli and Felix
Ashley and Klaus (This is Blake's girl in case you are all wondering)
Diana, opal, Me and Dani :) Kass and Story, with the cutest glasses don't you agree?

(And Diana's mom was there, and I thought I took a picture of her but it was with Diana's camera. Dang it! )


Bunny owl, aka Kelli's Bunny: If anyone knows what kind of Bunny this is Kelli wants one. Jail house Rock:
You can't really tell by this picture but there was a tween behind the bars that story thought was so neat. She kept cornering him to give him a hug.
when Axel saw that she was handing out hugs, he booked it out of there, and decided to watch from here instead.
Ducks geese and the like

I can't remember what this animal was, but we learned that they make Cashmere sweaters from her coat and lanolin (which is nipple creme for nursing mothers) We were surprised because her coat was sick...

Axel was really nervous about petting her, we were pretty surprised by that since he loves animals so much.
Maybe he sensed this girls fear, this is where she wanted to sit while we all gathered around it. And Felix just trying to figure it out, or being ready for a nap.AND she was pregnant, so of course I had to take a picture with her...Whose showing more?
1 day shy of 31 weeks
Just hangin out on the picnic table...


KaSs MiLeS said...

Yeah we had a lot of fun! Story gave out quite a few hugs to strangers. She also got brave at the end and pet the horse and cow.

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

Thanks so much for arranging, taking photos, and posting them! I had so much fun. Felix about died on the way home though. He was not okay with being bundled anymore. I had to pull off the freeway and undress him before he would calm down. But then all was good again.

Jasper and Stephanie Stevenson said...

awwww that looked soo fun :) such a nice day !

Kyle said...

I love the picture of Felix gingerly pinching the cow's tongue.

Good post though. I would like to take those chicks, but I don't want roosters.

Ashley said...

Thanks for posting all the pics! They all turned out great. I'm glad we did the farm, you chose a good week to go. It was so fun to have everyone there. Now we just need to keep all these girls coming. :)