Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Little Lady Bug

We celebrated Dani's birthday early upon my parents request so they could be there because my dad was scheduled to have back surgery a couple days before her actual birthday.

So, when I found this out I quickly scrambled and threw this together...

Here are the invites I designed, and the photo was courtesy via Jessica Peterson, and in my opinion it is what makes the invite, wouldn't you say?

I had chosen the lady bug theme because I wanted to do a summer theme since she is our start of summer baby. So it was either that or strawberries.  I am glad I picked Lady Bug, I think it turned out cute, even though they are a tad bit overdone.

I didn't want her party to be a  Character Lady Bug party. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but when I was looking through Pinterest for ideas, I was kinda grossed out by it all. Am I the only one who gets that way?

So I just ignored it all, and did my own thing.

I hired my friend Suzy to make her cake, cause I didn't even want to try to attempt a cake, I learned that mistake with Axel. She did SUCH a great job, the cake was exactly how I explained it to her, and it was DELICIOUS!
The birthday girl was certainly the BEST cake eater I had ever seen. Really, she went right to business and knew exactly what she was doing.

 My favorite picture in the end, her full on beard, perfect for mustache may, wouldn't you say?!

We had such a great turnout, I am still so amazed with how many people came to support her! I wish I would have been better about taking pictures but I was terrible, the pictures I have are mostly before, of the girl and after. I am so grateful for all the people who came and endured our shameless party in her honor.

I was kinda a nervous wreck this time. In hindsight, I probably should have postponed it a few days, like I kept feeling like I needed to. Dani had a lousy weekend full of doctors appointments and then round the clock breathing treatments. So she was kinda in rough spirits. (For those who came, don't worry it wasn't viral, but some sort of on going asthmatic reaction, that was causing wheezing since JANUARY and yes we took her to the doctor countless times only to be told it was a cold... finally they believed us and did something about it and admitted something else was the matter.)

 So I was kind of a mess come Monday, and I really wanted her party to be simple. I wasn't so stressed about the prep work (that is what I love) but the actual party it self was a tad stressful for me. I am so VERY VERY GRATEFUL for my friend Sheri, she came to my rescue and helped me set everything up and made everything come together.  Seriously Sheri, I OWE YOU! It was her experience and vision that made it all work together!

 The Decor
We planted a couple pots of flowers for center pieces on the buffet and dessert table.

 Pinwheels and pictures -I really liked how the pinwheels turned out! I just used a bunch of decorative paper I had on hand already too!
We used the majority of the pinwheels to bring color to the lilac bush in our driveway

The rest we put on the fence as a backdrop behind the buffet table along with the garland I made and  some streamers and ribbon.  

I created this banner for behind the dessert table 

 These balloons kept a float for 10 days after her party! I know this because on her actual birthday they were still going strong!

The Food

We did our first BBQ, and that was where we kinda messed up. We didn't realize how long the coals would take to heat up. So it made the party start later, and I forgot lighter fluid. :) 
A berry bug!
 And veggie bug!
  The Dessert Table
 Personal Ice cream cakes with oreo toppings and a lady bug on top! 
Lady Bug Cake pops in containers of wheat grass (thankfully it sprouted in time!) and I decided these would be my last, they were just not working out!
And a cheese cake from Costco, mostly because I was nervous it wouldn't be enough dessert! 

 Dani like I mentioned before was not in the best of spirits, which is too bad, because I think she would have loved it.
 "It's my party, and I will cry if I want to! "
She even was glum eating her favorite treat...blueberries
Singing Happy Birthday to the little lady
Her first taste...
Then we took it away
This this this! 
All the kiddos got goodie bags! 

And we finally see a happy girl

Going in for a bite! 

That's my girl!

"mmmmm" she says as she shares with me :)
Oh so content, and look at her cake! She did a good job right!?
 We went the splash park with Ashley, Ashdon and Nix to celebrate her birthday because they couldn't make the party, we got snow cones, but she was much happier that day.
 On her birthday she got to have blueberries whipcream and waffles!

Saying "Cheese"
We waited until the next morning to open her gifts

And she enjoyed them thoroughly!