Sunday, March 20, 2011


I love St. Patrick's Day, it's such a fun way to get creative with your food...even if it is less than appetizing when you are through. :)

Ash and I have been trying to get a play group together with some of our family members. But it is just not working out thus far. We were really looking forward to the activity we had planned for ST. Patrick's Day, but then just like all the other weeks, one by one everyone canceled. Which is totally fine, we understand totally, you all read my blog, I am really not bothered. But we were kinda disappointed this week because we were looking forward to it.

But then it hit us, we could invite our friends instead, since we also share the same group of girlfriends. It was kinda last minute, and some weren't able to join us, but Janae and her darling daughter Jade joined us and it was sooo fun, it's funny because we haven't done much with Janae and the last time we saw her was a year ago, but just this week we met up with her to do some shopping at the outlets and hang out at her house in Park City. Can I just say it's so nice that we can go years with out seeing our friends and then meet up and it's like no time has passed, (well sorta, the kids seem to always grow a foot or two :) ) I am grateful for my "low maintenance" friends.

Anyway, so we got together for a ST. Patrick's Day Lunch and Play date at Ashley's house. We had quite the spread of green food, which included, MAC and CHEESE, green fruits and veggies, and chips and Guacamole, followed by scrumptious mini ice cream cookie sandwiches rolled in sprinkles! The kids loved the food, and so did the mommies.

The kids also colored a cute ST. Patrick's Day coloring page, and we ended with making Apple jack necklaces(I thought there would be more green in them than fruit loops but it was 90% orange). The moms made the necklaces while the kids just ate the apple jacks.

When we left our tummies were full and our tongues were green! But it was such a fun day.

I even packed a "green" lunch for Kory to eat at work, filled with a turkey sandwich on green bread, sugar snap peas and green grapes. His response: "SICK IT'S MOLDY", yeah it wasn't the most appetizing looking sandwich, and I knew he would say that, but still a fun way to embrace this holiday.

Then that night following a family tradition from my family, I made green pancakes for dinner (I wasn't in the mood for eggs or ham.) Hope you all had a GREAT ST PATRICK'S DAY and aren't too "Green" with envy that ours was so fantastic :)

And some pictures for you to enjoy!

our grub
The Green Mac and Cheese only made Jade hesitant to eat it, which we were all kinda laughing about because we kinda felt the same way, but Axel and Ashdon seemed to like it even MORE!

The beautiful Miss Jade, this girl sure has grown up quickly! Ash and I couldn't believe she is 5

Axel LOVED Ashley's Ice cream sandwiches

Ashdon is always such a good sport about saying "Cheese" for the camera! and his hands were SO green!

Axel attempting to wear his necklace..


Kelli and/or Kyle said...

That picture of Ashdon reminds me of a picture of Andy from my wedding where his hands are covered in melted green mints. In fact, I think it was Kory who helped him pretend to touch my dress...I guess you just can't deny that Munoas really are beautiful! That mac and cheese looks sick! I love it. I hope we can make it this week. Felix finally sounds so much better! It's been WEEKS!!!

Amy said...

See, and I think Jade looks JUST like her mom. I used to think she and James looked so much a like when they were tiny, but now, all I see in Janae. It must be those gorgeous cheek bones they both have.

rain said...

Glad you had fun. Jeff came down with strep throat on Thursday, and so I spent all day with my sisters. So it was a good/bad day. That food looked way gross though...I am too old to enjoy weird colored food. ;)

Ashley said...

We did have lot's of fun didn't we!

Ashdon's poo was a very interesting shade of green the next day I'm thinking it was all the green sprinkles he managed to grab without me looking.