Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ahhh poop!

And I mean 3 weeks of it! But like most things this too shall pass. (no pun intended of course)

We finally were able to get Axel into see his Dr for his diarrhea. (In case you were all wondering why it took me so long to get him to see someone, his Dr office is only open M,W, and F, and wouldn't you know it the one day I FINALLY got a hold of them was the day it subsided, but it came back full force the following day, and no one would return my calls.)

So in my own defense, I tried, but I wasn't going to take it to any extremes just yet because he had no other ailments that go along with diarrhea, just a mild cough.

But I did get worried when one of the other moms from my RS presidency's toddler came down with RSV, and he had been at my house the previous day. So I took him in to make sure that all systems were fine. (this mom also told me that I should take him in)

I always feel bad when I take him to the Dr and he seems totally fine. He didn't even cough, and he had no fever. And was laughing and talking and smiling and grabbing at all the stuff from the dr. I kinda was like, "Come on Axel show the Dr that you have been coughing and that moms not crazy."

So the Dr confirmed, no RSV, and the diarrhea he said was probably just a mild virus he had a while back and now his body is having just a hard time getting back to normal. So he gave me some "Cultrelle" (Ever heard of it?) And sent us on our way.

The good news is the Cultrelle totally worked, we were having normal poops again a day or two later. And even that cough went away.

But that is our update for now, I have lots and lots and lots to blog about but really don't have time tonight. Maybe tomorrow... (but don't hold me to that...)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love this so much...

In case you all didn't see it on Facebook. Sorry for the poor quality, if you want to see it in better quality check it out on my Facebook profile. Isn't he so stinking cute!

This second video is showing his mad sitting up skills. I am proud :) (Please note: the object of his affection is yet again his caterpillar, I promise he has other toys, but this seems to be the one he is most fond of )

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My guys

These are my boys.

I love them.

This is generally what are house looks like around dinner time. It's one of my favorite times of the day at our house. Its really the only time we are all together. That and of course bed time. But I love moments like these. (I had to make these pictures black and white so you all wouldn't notice how gross my kitchen was that particular day. Lets just say it does not photograph well)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Have you ever sat across from someone and felt how intense their pain was that you started to feel bad for your own happiness or rather your unhappiness with all you are blessed with?
Well yesterday that was me.

I had the opportunity to go on visits in my neighborhood with the Relief Society President in my ward. At first I really didn't want to go I had "so much to do" that I was somewhat inconvenienced by it all.

But then we went to the first sisters home, and can I just tell you, I went home feeling not only so incredibly sad for her but also so incredibly ungrateful for all my blessings. Litterally it hit me hard.

Have you ever felt that way?
My heart literally broke into a million pieces as I listened to this sister retell her life story to me and the Relief Society President. I wont go into detail about what is going on or rather what has gone on in her life, but her load is heavier than anything I have had to bare. And it is very sad.

When I left her home my heart ached, I started to brainstorm ways I could "fix" her. (as that is what I do, I am a fixer) but then I felt this strong prompting, that I am not in this calling to fix her, but she is here to fix me. That I have a lot to learn from her about life and circumstances. That some things are not in our control, but somethings are. Her life circumstances are not something she can change, but her attitude is.

That is where I am getting at with this. Attitude is everything. How we handle situations in our life is all on us. Sure we are going to be given "trials" that are completely out of our control, but do we allow those trials to dictate how we feel about ourselves, the savior, or our heavenly father? That is the test. That is where we really have to decide where we stand. I know easier said then done right?

Kory and I got into a discussion afterward that had me thinking. He said, "Do you ever wonder why we are so blessed? Why it is that we get all that we do?" And I really don't have an answer to this, because I really don't know why. Why is that some people have to endure all the things they do, and why some people don't you know? I guess we all have trials to endure, but have you ever read something or met someone and said to yourself afterward "I could NEVER go through that?"

But what I do know is that the Lord didn't want me to visit this sister yesterday for her sake, he wanted me to visit her for my own. He knew I needed to be taught something.

I really don't know if I made it clear on what I was trying to say. Take it for what its worth I guess.