Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Pirate says...

This weekend was my nephew Nicolas' birthday at Pirate Island. He turned 5!!! Happy Birthday buddy, he was suffering from Birthday expectation overload a bit, and kept asking his mom if they could go home. I think mostly because the restaurant told him they were going to bring him his present, and gave him a huge stack of tickets. And he just sat there, head down soo sad. I think he thought that was it for his gifts. We all thought it was pretty funny, but he did not. But he cheered up eventually.

The Party Guests...minus a couple overstimulated toddlersLiam


Hilary called me the morning of asking for help with his birthday cake, this is what we came up with impromptu and we think it turned out pretty cute.
Blowing out his candles... I still can't believe he is 5!

Axel and I have been to Pirate Island before, when he was super tiny, but this was his first time since his fascination with pirates began, and Kory's first time too. We were pretty excited to take him and fill his belly full of pizza, candy, and cake and to just let him go pirate crazy. He had a nice long 3 hour nap before so he was full of energy and super excited and totally diggin the pirate scene. It was also so nice to have Kory there to chase him and entertain him. I am glad he was able to come, it made it way easier for me.

Axel loved the pirate ship playground. This is how he starts to slide...This is how he ends it...everytime

He would play with the wheel and yell "ARRGH ARRGH!" and "A SHIP! A SHIP" and "A PIRATE SHIP"
Like a true Pirate he commandeered this ride on multiple occasions. Don't worry we chipped in sometimes too. And of course we spent most of our treasure on the basketball gameBut my favorite part is where we encouraged him to cheat while the lady next to us got mad at her kids for doing the same thing. Whose kid is this? whoops! In our defense he wasn't gaining any points by cheating...So no harm done right?


KaSs MiLeS said...

Oh I hate pirate island so much, only because the one time we went I was pregnant and story was sooooo bad

Kyle said...

That picture of Axel with the basketball is fantastic. He seriously has his hand positioning looking pretty near perfect. A little knock down three point sharpshooter there.

Kory said...

I'm glad you got the lady yelling at her kids on the video!