Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bed Wars

We have territory issues....
Celeste tried to get comfy on Zoes dog bed when we first brought her home...

Then this week I hand crafted this enourmous dog bed for Celeste (its like 3 feet by 5 feet) and I couldn't even finish it because everytime I would put it down to see if there was enough padding, zoe would claim it. And if Zoe wasn't on it then Celeste would be.
When we were training Celeste to go into her crate on command, we had our friends over and their dog Bender. Jess loves training dogs, and shes pretty good at it. Side note-we borrowed benders crate for a couple of days until we got a bigger one for Celeste. Anyway, she was working with Celeste, and every time she would say "House". Bender would go into his own house happy and willingly. It was pretty funny. He is such good dog. :)

And that is our dog post.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let me tell you about my job....

Many people want to know what my new job is. And because we don't have much going on right now, I thought I would give you the low down on my job. I work for a Silk Screening/Printing company as the Art Director.

Some Facts about my job...

1. The whole building reeks like someone just pooped their pants. At first I thought someone had some serious gas, and I was really bothered that they kept passing gas at work. I would go home and tell Kory how someone kept farting all day long right by my desk, and it was making me dry heave. Turns out there is a sewage treatment plant down the road a bit, and we are lucky enough to be downwind of its fabulous gas.
2. I have come to the conclusion that my boss is deaf. He is either yelling or yelling. He talks so loud that, even though he is in a completely different room than I am, I can hear word for word every single conversation he has. I really like it when he puts people on speaker phone, and then says afterwords, did you get that? How could I not? Even when I wear my head phones I can hear his entire conversation. Sometimes I leave work with a major head ache, and my ears ringing. He also likes to come out of his office and yell "ASSERTIVE, LADIES LETS WORK ON BEING ASSERTIVE TODAY!" over and over, he then goes on and on about all the ways we can be ultra pushy and rude to our customers to get what we want. He definitely puts the A$$ in word assertive.
3. My boss put all his employees on salary right before there busy season last year so he wouldn't have to pay any overtime. They all agreed because he promised they would be able to take multiple days off during the slow season to make up for the fact that he worked them 60 hours+ a week without being compensated. However, if people did take days off, he deducts their pay. This doesn't effect me yet, as I am still hourly, however because of this, each morning all the employees gather around and gripe about our boss from 8am-9:30ish right around my desk. It is always a great way to start the day.

Now for some good parts....
1. I am the Art Director, and get to work on my own. Which I like a lot. I really like being able to be independent.
2. We may be moving buildings! Which means no more smelly poo, and my boss will be on a totally different floor. So no more headaches!
3. I really like what I do, job description wise. The whole silk screening process is really cool, it is so much different than regular printing. I have learned a lot since I started working there. And, if there is a design that I like, or worked hard on, I can get a shirt printed for my self, which is cool, cause I like free clothes.

I know the good parts are kinda lame, but things are looking up. The first month was really discouraging to me. Especially my training because the guy I replaced, turns out was fired, and they had him train me. So it was really awkward. And then my boss told me to pretty much forget everything he had showed me, because he of course had a better way doing things, which totally confused me at first.

So that is my job. Pretty exciting huh? I know I just put you all to sleep.
And if you made it to the end, you should watch this link.

Funny Office clip

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This just in....

Did anyone see Kory and I on Fox 13 last night?

NO? Cause we totally were on Fox Evening News. As were our friends Jess and Skyler. Why? You might ask. Well, if you guessed that it was because we witnessed a burglary, or a drug bust (both very likely incidents in our neck of the woods) you are WRONG!

It was because one of Kory's friends was on American Idol and we went to a party to watch his debut. Anyway, the footage is great, and I would really like to post it on my blog. So, if anyone just so happens to see it or comes across it, please let me know...Or stay tuned as I am sure I will find it sometime, and it is DEFINITELY blog worthy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So far so good on the new dog thing. It definitely has not been easy, but we still have her, and she is doing great. Zoe on the other hand we found out is an INTENSE emotional eater and has been eating her "weeks" worth of dog food in ONE DAY! How does this happen? I am sure you are all wondering we we don't monitor her food more closely? Well, in my own defense up until now we haven't had to monitor her food intake because she was pretty self regulating. She would eat occasionally just the right portion and then be done. However, because this new dog has been stealing everything from bone to toy from her, we believe that she insists on eating all the food in her bowl at one sitting to insure the big dog does not get ANY of it. This has caused her to gain quite a bit of weight and we now are restricting how much food we give her.

She also finds it annoying when the big dog comes and plops her head anywhere near her, and when she does this zoe insists on snapping at her and biting the tip of her nose. (At first we had BIG problems with this as Celeste would snap back and there were a couple of VERY scary moments) now she just whimpers and cries with hurt feelings, which of course makes zoe feel big and tough. We haven't found a solution to this problem. Any suggestions?