Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making my birthday so great. I am truly blessed to have so many great friends and family members who went out of their way yesterday to make me feel special. It really did brighten my day and make me feel so loved and cared for.

Thanks again!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful tag

Shauna tagged me for her Thankful tag, where you have to write something you are thankful for, for each letter of your name.

A: All the prayers and kind words offered to our family right now

M: My Family

Y: You bloggers, for your friendship and involvement in my life.

So now I tag all the Jessica's and Jessie's on my list, Kat C, Jordana B , Shanna R, and Julie A.

Good luck

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Thankful for...

Little pink plus signs... :)

Tagged...6th folder 6th picture

Shauna and Keri both tagged me for this, and this is what was in my six folder six picture. This picture is of my nephew Nicolas, who I tend two days a week. I think I took this picture right after I got my camera, so I was playing with features and such. That's it.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Kory brought this home to me last night, I didn't believe him at first, I thought it was an old receipt from a long time ago, but sure enough Kory was able to buy 11.208 gallons for 21.28 bucks! I was in shock and looked over the receipt a million times to make sure it was all true! It was the best day! We are seriously considering going and storing up while it is such a deal!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking for things to do in December...

I was asked to help out with this months enrichment, and I am needing some help. I am to make up a list of things for families to do in December, so if anyone has any ideas or websites I can look at, that would be much appreciated! Fun traditions, or things going on locally, I am pretty much looking for anything really, this is not really my forte.

Thanks any suggestions are GREAT suggestions!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I shop at Maceys

With the economy being as it is lately, I have found that many people who regularly wouldn't shop at Walmart, are caving because it "saves" them money. This may be very true, and I won't get on my soap box about the consequences of supporting that establishment, because you already know them all. But what I am going to write about is how GREAT my local Macey's market is...

Top ten list of why I opt to shop at Maceys

10. Smoke free: Maceys has opted to no longer sell tabacoo products! I admire this move for 2 reasons the first being because they had the guts to do it despite the huge revenue loss and second because lets face it, smoking is barf, I hate it, and by not selling it, they are saying we hate it too.

9. Closed on Sundays, besides the obvious religious reasons, I know how much it blows to work on a Sunday, and I believe everyone needs a day off from work. It makes for much happier workers. No disgruntled checkers up all night because people just had to get their munchies at 3 am.
8. Comparibly cheep produce: I was able to get 2 GOOD sized pumpkins for just under 2 bucks each! They have AWESOME produce selection, that I just love.

7. Free samples: I have to admit that this is a silly reason to love a grocery store, but there is something comforting about free samples, I guess it reminds me of my childhood. Especially from someone smiling and not grunting.

6. Friendly Checkers: Ever been in contact with a disgruntled checker? (I have, the last time I shopped at walmart) I forgot what it was like to have a checker ask " How are you today" or even smile at me for that reason, but at Maceys they are always kind and friendly.

5. Baggers: I didn't think these still existed, or maybe its because I stopped going to the checkout stands since the birth of the "self checkout" because it helped me avoid awkward conversations with gum popping pregnant teens working at walmart.( I know that is harsh, but you all know who I am talking about)4. Paper or Plastic? Who still asks that right? In a world where everyone wants convience no one cares to ask if you want paper or plastic? Well this may not be important to some people, but I would much rather have paper bags because they are easier to recyle.

3. Doughnuts and Hot cider: The other day, they were giving out doughnuts and hot cider to customers. I just thought it was thoughtful, and welcoming. They are currently doing a drive where for each 25 dollars you spend you get 50 cents towards a turkey. They don't have to do these things, but they do it to give back to their customers.

2. Community envolvement: They are all about running and hosting drives for the community. Just recently for Halloween they did a pumpkin drive and sold pumpkins to raise money for an elementary school.
1. Small and convienant: When was the last time you were able to run into a Walmart to just grap a loaf of bread, or a can of something you forgot, and didn't have to wait in a bi-A line, and it wasn't 6 am? It's not like they don't have a lot of customers, they just always have enough cashiers on hand to make sure their customers aren't waiting, and their employees aren't over worked.

I am not saying you should stop shopping at where you shop, but maybe look around and notice what you are missing, because my grocery store is pretty great, i'm just saying is all.