Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here we go again

MAN! I keep getting way behind on my blogs, sorry folks, I know you are all just DYING to know what is going on with us.

Well here is a quick or maybe not so quick catch up on what has been going on.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! (It's still January so I can still do this right?)

I made a few goals this year for myself, and I haven't really written them down, but there all up in my head somewhere.

The main ones I am focusing on right now is...
1. 30 days no sugar (its been 29 days!) one more to go! I plan on still not eating sugar tho, this was just a short term goal to get me going
Now, this needs some clarification. Many people reading this are like "Wait, you ALREADY don't eat sugar." Well here is where I have fallen off the wagon folks. Slowly but surely sugar has started to creep its way back into my life. Anyway, and for a while I was like so what, I want to eat this big piece of cake. (kassie remember story's birthday party?) But after a while I started to feel like man, I am eating it way too much and not eating anything else, no wonder I feel like crap 24 7. So I thought to myself, where is my motivation? What do I REALLY want right now but maybe is not a necessary. And it hit me, a hair dye and a cut! (to some people out there, this may not seem like much motivation, but so far it has worked GREAT for me)

The first week was HARD. Especially at the store, you see when you are nursing and shopping and starving that is when you find yourself shopping but I endured and made it through. So I am giving myself a BIG pat on the back, this was hard and I am really proud of myself for being better and following through.

Anyway but after that first week, I just started to feel better! Emotionally, physically and mentally. Can't wait to get my hair done now!

Goal 2: Have a better attitude about scripture reading.
This one may seem ridiculous, but you see when a certain hour rolls around at night, I can NOT cope very well with anything but the ides of just going to sleep. However, since sleep is something of the past, staying up to read scriptures with my husband while my baby sleeps peacefully is something that I need to and should enjoy. So, I have decided to change my attitude about it. Easier said then done.

If my husband wants to read the full chapter instead of 2-3 versus I will support him on this. (Sad but true, more often then not, I have been known to throw a fit sometimes about this). So I am focusing on 1.) not only enjoying the scriptures more, but 2.)enjoying the time with my husband more, and I think it has made a difference already.

Although one night I went to bed early to catch up on sleep, (did I mention I haven't been getting much of it lately) and I even put Kory's scriptures on the table so he could read them while he ate. Then I read scriptures to myself (The whole 40+ versus) and went to bed. Then the next night we were discussing where we were at and turns out he only read a few versus and admitted that he thought I wouldn't read at all. SAD huh? See, that is why it's a goal for me.

Goal 3: Have a better attitude about my calling

Did you know I LOVED being in Young Womens, well if you didn't I did. So much so that when they released me, it was SO horrible. I had a hard time adjusting to not going to mutual. I would get super depressed on Wednesday nights. This made it REALLY hard for me to LOVE my new calling: the Relief Society Secretary.
Well I decided that this is REALLY wearing on me and the presidency. The Lord needs me to use my full potential to serve in this capacity. SO I am working on LOVING my new calling and embracing it. I have found that already I am enjoying it more, and things that used to be tedious and annoying, or inconvenient are bringing me joy.

So that's me right now. I know its probably more revealing about me then people want to hear. And really if you read it you might just realize how lame and immature I am. But that is where I am right now.

But besides that I have been just trying to organize my life, we rearranged our upstairs to make room for Axel. We originally had his room in the basement. (We thought he would be sleeping in our room until he got a little older, that is just not going to happen.) I am SO ready for him to sleep in his own room. He has started this thing this past few weeks where he wakes up, kid you not every hour on the hour from midnight until 9. (And trust me we tried EVERYTHING) The only thing that works is letting him sleep with us in our bed, then he will sleep 4-5 hours straight. So you see I think the problem is that he knows we're there. (I am no expert however so I am only hoping that this is the case.)

So hopefully we will be able to have his room all ready for him by his 6 month mark. Even if its just the bed and the door put in, that is all I care about right now, and am counting down the days until MARCH.

Another reason I can't WAIT for March is that is the goal for the basement to be done!

We have been doing lots and lots in January to get the studio done. (By we I mean Kory mostly, I did help mud and paint tho :) ) It's so close, I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Kory will post a big post when we're done, but trust me it will be good. So if anyone knows of anyone who wants to record music we are pretty sure that will be up and running in March! So exciting can't wait! Spread the word!

Next is that I babysit a lot. That's what I "do" for my job now. That, and I work for a company that runs a coupon site out of Idaho (that's right all my cousins that still read my blog, I work in Idaho?)

Anyway I design ads for them once or twice a week from home.

But back to babysitting, anyway two days a week I watch my sister Hilary's kids. A week or two ago Liesels kids came over and we decided to "Paint the snow" and we thought it was going to be sooo cool, but they couldn't even see the paint on the snow. They had to spray it a million times before it would show up, but the kids had fun anyway.I also baby sit Kassie's little girl Story once a week. We have fun with her too. Axel is starting to interact with her more and its fun to see the two together. I think when they get a little older they will be the best of friends. It's funny to see how their two personalities interact with each other. He is so shy and she is such a Ham! But we sure love having her come and play! Can't wait until they grow a bit and they REALLY start to play with each other. :) I also have been a sewing a little, not a whole lot, because of time and lack of sleep, but I did however make this ultra cute jacket for Axel. I thought it turned out super cute. I didn't think it would turn out at all, because I had to alter the pattern to fit him (I accidentally bought the wrong size) But it worked out!
Photo courtesy of Jessica Peterson Photography -Taken at her rocking birthday party! Axel was passed around from girl to girl, and LOVED every minute.

Axel got his first hair cut because his hair started to look like a "Hoo in Whooville", So we chopped off the top, I think it worked out. Now his hair is thinning :( which makes me sad but I know he'll have hair eventually again. His dad has great hair, and I am sure he will too.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

4 months old?

"Where did my newborn baby go? Did it really go by this quickly?" I have been asking myself this a lot lately, especially when we go to church and 3 new babies are born and I see just how tiny they are.

I miss him being so tiny, but I am LOVING all his new things he is figuring out. This has been such a fun stage for us. ( I especially love that he is still my snugly boy, a lot of people told me he would grow out of it by now, but I think like most things about him, he takes after his papa on this one too, and will be a snugly guy forever)

He had his 4 month check up on December 3oth and
weighed 14.5 lbs and is now 24 1/2 inches long!

He is in the 40th percentile all around.

He is not quite as big as a lot of the babies in our families but he is catching up. :)

Some of his new things this month are...

He talks a lot! Or rather jibber jabbers a lot. Its cute and I love it.
He loves it when you play peek-a-boo with him, and will laugh so hard he gets hiccups EVERY TIME. (poor guy) Unfortunately, he gets that from me, and if anyone has heard my hiccups you would be sad for him too...

He loves raspberries (no not the fruit, tho I am sure he would love them if I let him try them, the spit with your mouth kind) For the longest time this was pretty much the only thing he would smile at, that and "Delicious Muffins" :) But now he has started to do them back to us. He really likes it when Kory Beat boxes at him, but not me, just daddy, I think its because I am not good at it :)

He has finally figured out how to get those hands to work for his benefit! I am so happy for him, but sometimes this is hard for me, because he'll grab at my measuring cups while I am cooking or my glass of water, or my fork. Then when we don't give it to him and let him have some of what we are eating, he gets sooo ticked! Its funny in a way, but its going to be a long two more months for us before solids can be introduced.

He rolled over twice, but that's it. He doesn't see the need to do so just yet. He usually just lays his head down and sits there. Then he'll look up at me smile and then lay his head back down:) He'll get it one day.

I am pretty sure he is teething, or growing or something. Because his sleep has been out of whack lately. This has been hard for EVERYONE, so we are off to bed, even tho it is still early to try to catch some much needed z's.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here it is folks, our Christmas post! This was Axel's first Christmas, and although he couldn't get his hand to do anything other than go into his mouth, he loved all the bright colors of the wrapping paper, and he is loving his Christmas presents a little more each and every day!
On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents house for our family Christmas party, we had a great dinner put together by my mom, and then exchanged gifts and played the usual white elephant gift exchange game. We won a bump it, a Jupiter Jack, a movie ticket and a smelly candle and some other stuff too I think... Good times!

We then went home and each opened up one gift. Axels gift as you would probably guess were these stinking cute pjs! (My parents did this too, or it was a Christmas dress for Sunday) I figure while he is too little to know what is going on, this is mainly for my enjoyment and for pictures on Christmas morning.
Christmas morning we waited to open presents until Axel woke us up, which was around 830. I think this is the first morning EVER where I was like the later the better! He was pretty happy. (mostly because he is always happy first thing in the morning, he really had no idea why...)

Here are a bunch of photos of him and his gifts.
I made him this cube, and he loves it. He grabs it with both hands and shoves it in his mouth! This was his favorite gift by far, he LOVES it, and it has been so nice for us to have as well. It has 5 songs that play for 20 minutes, and it has a remote! LOVE IT
These guys were there...

And so was I, but I must have gotten buried under all this trash!
Later that day we went to Kory's parents for some more good food, visiting and playing card games. We played one of my favorite games Monopoly Deal! Its great!

Merry (Belated) Christmas everyone, hope it was as great and wonderful as ours was!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The days before Christmas

I made over 600 of these pretzel things to give out to our neighbors!
I also made these ornament tags...The Sunday before Christmas we went as a family and delivered our neighbor gifts. It took us well over 3 hours to do so, and at first we walked, but after a half an hour or so the sun started to set and we started to get cold and Axel's nose and cheeks were all rosey, so we all loaded up in our car and drove around delivering these gifts by car instead. This was one of my FAVORITE things to do with my family growing up and it was fun to start the tradition with my own little family.

On the first day of Christmas...
"Someone" decided to do the 12 days of Christmas to our family this year.

Each bag had a part of the scripture story of the Birth of Jesus written on it and inside a little gift was a part of the manger!And also some sugar free treats for our little family!
Thanks mom, oops I mean the little Christmas Elf!

I worked really hard to decorate our house this season, it was A LOT of work, but I had a lot of fun doing something each day to make my home more festive. (But I was also glad to take it all down on new years day :)

I made another Star for Axel's stocking to join the other stockings on the wall (One day I hope to have a fireplace...)

I made this door hanging out of some branches from the tree in our backyard, I thought it turned out nicely and added a nice touch.
Here is our tree, this year
I made a Christmas Rocks garland...
With Swallows...
and Stars.
I think it turned out cute, but it was more work than I thought it would be. And I had to change the ribbon because I didn't buy enough of the stuff I wanted to use to wrap around the whole tree. But I think it all worked out, and turned out great if I do say so myself!

Garland. I got 6 10 foot garlands at the YW garage sale this summer for 3 bucks! They were in way nice condition and I LOVED how festive it made my house feel this year.

Stars...Eventually I found a nail for the other side of my door to hang up a star on each side, but this is how they were MOST of December. :) Bows

So I was walking around Target one day and I saw this cute fabric tree, and thought oh that's cute! I looked at the price tag and it was 30 bucks! I thought no way! I'll just make it, so I went home, pulled out some paper to make a pattern, and then pulled out some scraps of fabric, and made my own version! I think it turned out pretty dang cute. ( Just to note, the one at the store was not nearly as cute, and didn't have all the cute embellishments that was my idea :) That's it folks for now... one more Christmas post to go and then I am all caught up! SHEESH remind me next year to not get behind on my blogs!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sweet Nothings in my ear...

The other day I put Axel in his crib for a nap, grabbed the monitor, closed all the doors and went about my daily chores.

About an hour or so later he started to fuss, but then it stopped, and there was a pause and then he started chatting away, and I thought what on earth could be so funny and interesting?

So I snuck into our bedroom ever so quietly, camera in hand, and this is what I found...

How Cute is that?!