Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas!

This is our card we "sent" out via email this year. But if you didn't get it, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

let it snow...let it snow...


And snow it did!

Like most of the valley, we woke up to QUITE a bit of snow at our house this morning. But that wasn't the most shocking part. It was our overgrown bush that was taller than our house that fell over and across our entire driveway. Luckily we don't park our cars there. But our cars were parked behind it so we weren't going anywhere until it was removed.
So while Kory went out and tried to get this bush to stand upright, Axel and I decided we wanted to join him. Axel pretty much loves the snow
Thanks to his cousin Story, she showed him you can eat it, so all he wants to do is take a hand full and eat it. Which to him is the greatest thing ever because he LOVES chewing on ice, eating otter pops, and now snow. But it couldn't have come on a better day because he has 3 nasty teeth coming in at once, those pointy ones. (I don't know what they are called) I normally hate the snow. But now that I have a kid that loves it, it's actually starting to grow on me again. I don't mind getting bundled up and venturing out in it to play. Driving somewhere is another story, but playing, that I can do, and play we did.

Helping dad shovel the drive way so grandpa could pull the bush out with the truck.
Assessing the situation with dad, or just being a boy and hanging out in the cool cave with dad.
It made me really nervous having them in there. I am such a wuss when it comes to stuff like that. Call me crazy, or paranoid, but I just kept playing all these awful situations in my head of it collapsing on them. Needless to say they weren't in there long.

But then we played in the snow some more while we waited for grandpa to get a better rope, the first one snapped.
Mid gobble.
We buried Axel in the snow.
Axel even showed me how to build a snowman!

1. You take ball of snow
2. Then you roll it around

3. Then you pat it nice and smooth.
4. Then Tada! We made a Grandpa snowman because just as we were about to finish, Grandpa showed up and Axel no longer wanted to make the snow man but wanted to go see Grandpa. So in an attempt to get him to like the snowman, I put his Grandpa Hat on him, to which Axel said with a big grin "Grampa Grampa Grampa"
Then he watched Dad and Grandpa pull that ginormous bush across our driveway.
The bush is out of the way, but in no way is it gone. I mean what do you do with a bush that size at this time of year? Kory had to get to work, and Grandpa had to go back to the store house.

And Axel?
Well, he decided that was enough playing for him. This was literally 5 minutes later.Happy snow/ winter solstice/ eclipse day everyone!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

6 years ago today

This was us.

On our first date, it was awkward and exciting and all the things a first date should be, including ending with a good night hug. (If you ask Kory he will claim I totally avoided a first kiss that night.) But right from the beginning, I knew he was different, and I knew I wanted to make things with him perfect, so yeah I admit I made sure he knew he was only going to get a hug from me :) But I had to secure a 2nd date...

"This was our "2nd date" Although it was more like our 14th day of dating, because after our first date we spent every day together. Match made in heaven? I think so :)

When I told Kory happy anniversary this morning he looked at me like "What the crap?" Then he rolled his eyes, and that's ok because honestly it's kinda silly to remember all the firsts. But this really was the first big event in my life that led to loads and loads and loads of BIG firsts. So Happy First Date Anniversary Kory, so glad Kassie convinced me to ask you out 6 years ago :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the Season!

Well its Christmas time at our house! I had to do a lot of improvising this year decoration wise but somehow it worked out.

What is it about Christmas lights that makes everything feel so cozy? Which I admit is a nice change around here :)

Axel was napping when I put up our lights and when he woke up, we showed them to him and he went "OOOHH!" And pointed to all the new lights in our Kitchen. (Where did he get that?!)

Surprisingly though he leaves the tree alone for the most part. (unless he is tired or bored) But we haven't had any major catastrophes just yet. He does ask for one of the "Balls" everyday though. Sigh but I knew that was going to happen.

We somehow still managed to find space for our Christmas tree in our front room, its super crowded, but cozy crowded :)We made this at the Anderson Girls night, this is the craft I was in charge of, and I didn't mind making the craft, but I wasn't a very good teacher, so I apologize to those of you who made it and suffered through my poor instructions, or rather lack there of. Hope they turned out cute tho with the ornaments on them. :)
I also made this little guy that night. He is my Santa Elf. Thanks Kelli for showing us how to make them!
And later I decided I would attempt to make the card wreath too. (as some may remember was one of the options to vote for) I think it looks funny tho. Maybe once it has more cards...
I included this because we got this Santa/Baby Jesus from Kory's grandmother earlier this year. I just thought it would be nice to have something to remind us of them during Christmas since they loved that holiday so much. I have heard there is a story that goes with this, I would like to know what that is so we can tell it to our kids. I believe my mother in law gave this to her.
I had to be extra creative with Christmas decor since my front room has no space this year. So I spread it into our Kitchen and I really like how it turned out. But what I am MOST excited about is this...
Last year we bought Christmas lights and the hooks AFTER Christmas for dirt cheap, and I have been waiting ALL year to put them up. (I even put them up BEFORE thanksgiving because I was afraid it would be too cold and snowy) But I didn't do this all by myself. In fact most of the work was done by my good friend PJ, she came over to help me, ladder and all, and ended up doing MOST of the work. She even convinced me that cleaning out our gutters was a good idea too. So it wouldn't have gotten done with out her, so I am pretty grateful she came and helped me. It looks really good at night too :) It took me a while to figure out the extension part, and how to get power to all the different parts, but I figured it out. We even got an awesome remote control on clearance for 5 bucks at Target, and it makes turning them on pretty exciting but also low effort on our part which we love.

I of course can't forget my favorite decoration of all :) His nose glows :)
This weekend we went to the Anderson Christmas Party, and my battery was TOTALY dead so the only picture I got was of Axel with Santa with my phone.
But what a great picture it is!

We had fun visiting with lots and lots of family, and riding the train and of course meeting Santa, and I even got teerey eyed during the 2nd part of the train ride as we viewed pictures of the Savior. And even though I have seen it quite a few times, it still touches my heart. (Although I have never cried before, so is it safe to say it's the hormones?) Anyway, I am very excited for this holiday season where I get to reflect on the many many gifts my Savior has given me, and ways I can become closer to him. Happy holidays to you all hope you are having as much fun decking the halls as we are!