Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have been "nesting" like crazy, pulling out all of Axel's old newborn stuff, going through it, organizing it, cleaning it, and getting ready for his little baby sister to meet us in 10 weeks!(Maybe a few less)

One of the things I feel is a must for a baby, is a car seat cover, you have all seen them I am sure. When I had Axel they were just popping up, my friend Ashley convinced me to make one for him because she loved hers so much, and she was right. We got together one summer afternoon and she helped me.

I used mine for the first 3 months of his life and loved it. I never had to worry about strangers peering, touching, coughing or spreading their "Swine Flu" or RSV to him. (when we had him, it was "Swine Flu" fever, you couldn't go anywhere with out being reminded that you may or may not get sick and die. Everywhere I went there was a bottle of antibacterial soap on every counter, and hospitals weren't even letting children come visit newborns).

So, I was soo glad to have mine. It also worked great for a sun shade for him for all our family walks. (we used to be big family walkers, something we think we'll start doing again soon now that the studio is....done!)Anyway, I am not supposed to blog about the studio, (but it does look super fantastic.) I am sure Kory will blog about it one day...

I have heard a lot of people complain about their car seat covers since then, but I never had a problem with mine, maybe it was Ashley's clever design, it was the perfect cover and perfect size. But Axel's was very boyish, with punk stars and checker board fabric, so I decided to make Dani her own so people wouldn't think she was a boy, since her name wouldn't help with that either.

You will notice I made it with pale blue, and it's Grey not black, I just can't move away from blue. I can't see myself toting around anything pink, clothes are fine on our baby, but you can find pretty feminine prints in other colors these days. And I thought doing the ruffles on it would make it ultra feminine. What do you think?

Also, our car seat didn't come with anything to protect his little neck from getting scratched by the belt, so after a few of his first trips in the car I threw together some and they worked out great. But somewhere I lost one of them so I made a new pair to match her cover for baby girl. And they are reverse-able! SNAP, I am so clever...
When I saw this car seat all cleaned and ready to go, it kinda made me choked up thinking about bringing a new baby into the world, and carrying her home in this some day. I remember bringing Axel home it was such an amazing day...but also full of the "unknown" but it all worked out.

I also made up another little summer dress for her. This one I think will fit her as a newborn a little better. :) (In case any of you are wondering I altered the yellow dress to fit her better for this summer hopefully. I took it in quite a bit and it looks like it may just fit a small newborn now) We will see.
It only took me under 3/4 of a yard of fabric so it was just under 5 dollars to make, it did take a night or two to make, but worth the time. I went to Park City with a few friends the other day and fell in love with about a dozen of the dresses at Old Navy. They were all over 15, but they were all so cute, and tiny and delicate, but obviously I couldn't get any of them. I'm an if its over 5 dollars for kids clothes I just can not justify buying it. And I am pretty good about shopping the clearance rack and finding jammies and tees for a buck. But everything was soo soo SOO adorable.

The top ties around her shoulders, I am sure it would make sense on her

So we are getting closer and closer to being ready, I feel better now that I have a couple of the important stuff cleaned. We have a lot to go on the bigger stuff like the kids room and such but that is something Kory has to do not me. I just get to nag him. :)

I have a whole lot more dresses cut out and ready to be sewn together for this weekend, however turns out Axel has Strep! It was the weirdest thing too, it came out of nowhere, one minute he was running around playing the next he was asking to go to bed, and spiked a fever of 103, then he was having a hard time breathing while he tried to sleep. So we were kinda worried. We took him in only because it was very out of the ordinary for him, but I am soo glad we did, except for when he threw up all over Kory in the waiting room, or when he screamed bloody murder when the nurse tried to put the oxygen sensor on his foot. But he ended up falling asleep in my arms in the room to me singing to him some of his Backyardigan songs, even in his delirious state he couldn't help but say "ARRR" at his favorite part. Bless his heart. After a very long nap he seems to be feeling better, hopefully in a day or two he will be back to his happy self.


Jess~ca said...

I love love LOVE the carseat cover! It's sooo feminine, but like you, I'm not really a PINK all over for a girl type person. I love the grey polka dots with the blue ruffles! I made a quilt a few months ago, and I'm just now finishing up the "quilting" part. And I think you'd love the fabric I used!

Nice job!


Jess~ca said...

p.s. I hope Axel feels better soon!

Emily said...

I love the ruffles on the carseat cover. And the dress is so cute. I've said it many times... I'm jealous of your skills!!

rain said...

That dress is so cute. I've always loved sun dresses for babies. I'm excited to see what your little girl will look like. She'll be adorable.

KaSs MiLeS said...

So sorry he's sick. I hate having sick kids. I really love the carseat cover, the ruffles are perfect! Great job on the cute little dress too. You've been busy!

Rebecca, Taber, and Gwenivere said...

CUTE!!! I need to come over. I think about knocking on your door every time I walk by. One of these days I will, but maybe I'll wait a bit longer to make sure Axel is better!