Thursday, March 17, 2011

mammer and basketball

We went to Lowe's this weekend to pick up some trim for the studio, and they just so happened to be holding their kids class, that just so happened to be building basketball hoops! SWEET

Axel loves Hammers "mammers" I think mostly because his Dad and Grandpa always use hammers, and he LOVE's working on our house with them.

And he LOVES basketballs. So it was a win win for him. He was all smiles even though we woke him up to do so. Which is why his hair is sticking out in most of the pictures.

We kinda lucked out since you usually have to sign up online for their class, but that particular day they just had extras.

Hammering away
Checking out the plans with dad
THEN on Monday for FHE we had a real treat, Kory's boss gave up his Jazz tickets, and normally Kory and I would probably have passed on it but since Axel is obsessed with basketball we decided to go to the game and bring Axel along with us.

He actually really enjoyed it for the first half, he was in basketball heaven. I think the noise got to him a bit, and he was confused why people were booing so much.

But then we made the mistake of taking him out for his not even that poopy diaper, thinking it was bugging the guy next to us, only to find out that guy just sits like that. And Axel found the gift shop and all the fun basketballs out there and decided he would rather play then watch. It was also getting close to bedtime so after halftime we headed to our car.

Axel loved walking around in Salt Lake, he loved the Trax and the lights and the beeping of the street signs. Kory and I were debating about taking him on Trax to the Temple and back and while discussing Axel said "Temple, Temple, Temple" Over and over, such a smart boy. We decided to save that adventure for another day, and just walk through that planet place on the corner instead. I can not for the life of me remember what it is called.

We also anticipated he would crash on his way home, so we got him in his jammies and even brought a bottle, but he stayed up the whole way home. Stinker

But it was a good night.
We have had quite an adventurous week this week, but I will save that for another day, keep the 3 of you that read my blog on your toes, and give you something to read tomorrow...I'm a giver like that. :)


KaSs MiLeS said...

How fun! Story calls temples castles. :)1

Jess~ca said...

Love the basketball game photos! Shane would also LOVE it--- but I think that anything longer then an hour (and that loud) would be pushin it for Shane, too :)

Shane is always talking about his "ba ball" which he uses to throw, kick, and just hang out with. I think that we have some sports players in the making!

Kyle said...

I'm so proud of that kid and his love for basketball. And I think it's rad you guys indulge him.

Our EyreLife said...

I didn't know they had kids classes! Duh! Sign me up!

You guys are the most productive people I know! Super inspiring!

Sarah said...

What a good experience for him - It's nice to do something special:)