Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lovely just simply lovely

Friday we got to have a photo shoot of the kids with  Jessica Peterson in her studio. It was such a great day, and my kids were not what I expected. Axel ate up all the attention and loved every minute, while dani was shy and serious...WHAT?! Probably because it was Jessica asking and not mommy, and his bestie Ashdon was there, so he loved everyminute, and came home telling dad all about it! SO funny. She had them do all sorts of fun things that boys love doing, and was such a good sport about them tearing her place to pieces! (Literally there was stuff EVERYWHERE!)

If you want to see a sneak peek of her cute cute pictures look here! I must admit I have pretty cute kids! But she is pretty freaking talented! I may be biased in both areas, so you better just take a look for yourself :)

I am soo so sooo excited for the rest of the them! I can't even stand it! (No pressure Jess, take your time! :) )

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Last week Kory took a day off, and not for any particular reason other than to spend it with me, and our babies. I really truly can not think of a time (holidays aside) he has EVER taken a day off to do something like this. He works so hard for our family. We are pretty lucky.

It was so weird to have a day where we just went and did stuff, and that we weren't giving up our Saturday to do so. The whole day I kept thinking it was in fact Saturday and was panicked I had so much to do before Sunday. (Blasted 9am chuch!)

We decided to go to the "Dino museum" aka the "Museum of Paleontology" at BYU, Yeah it is STILL around, and across the street from the stadium, fantastic, and FREE!  I remember walking there on field trips in elementary school and watching the employees clean bones, and being BORED out of my mind! But taking my kid there was soooo much better!!

The first dino we came to he said "This is a Halloween Dinosaur!" ha ha

 Axel just took it all in, at first he was a little nervous about the big dinos with sharp teeth, and just kinda walked around from display to display, but eventually he warmed up and we made it around 6 times, and he LOVED it, and we had to drag him out to leave.
 He was quite nervous about this guy, and wouldn't let us put him close to his teeth. 

 Axel and Dad

 He called this one "Tiny" (for those of you that watch Dinosaur TRAIN!")
 The GIANT sloth
 Axel thought it was pretty cool to be inside this one's tummy
 On like the 3rd time around Dani woke up and we put her up to the teeth and she LOVED it...
 Which of course gave Axel the courage to give it a try.
 Axel thought it was soo funny that he was a real dinosaur
 So did dad...This picture was Axel's idea...
 Baby Girl got tired of sitting in her stroller and decided she wanted to get down and explore as well. (Notice her on all 4!)
**We also made Dinosaur sandwiches for lunch to eat on the way to the museum.

After the museum we took the kids to see "Happy Feet Two". They both did really well and sat through the first half and we think they enjoyed it mostly, but then they both crashed and slept through the end. Ha! But it was cute movie, and a good way to end the day! I wish every day could be this fun! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's still more time

Even though Christmas was over we decided there was still time do some of the things we hadn't done yet.

First I forgot to share this picture of baby girl. She literally fell asleep just sitting up. (This was Christmas afternoon) She skipped her morning nap because Christmas was just too much fun.

Taking pictures in the jammies we got for Christmas: 

Normally my kids would have opened them up Christmas eve, but it's a long story why they opened them up Christmas day instead.

Axel with his Robot jammies, and cool robot blankie from grandma
 I found these at old navy for super cheap, and Axel had like 3 pairs of skeleton jammies as a baby, so I was tickeled pink when I found a girl version for  Dani. (I know wrong holiday)
 Visiting Temple Square

  This was BEFORE Christmas but I forgot to post it in the last post, Axel LOVED SANTA, he sat on his lap for like 15 minutes hugging him and talking to him about robots, and all things Axel.
 Then this kid showed up and just started talking to Santa telling him what he wanted, I was trying to get a picture and he moved to the other side of Santa
Santa is telling him to get back in line. Ha ha

Some of our good friends from Georgia came over for dinner and we made gingerbread house/robots. 
I wanted to make the real deal, had it all perfect, then I put Santa on top and the whole thing crumbled! Just goes to show you folks, you must have a sure foundation, built upon Christ otherwise santa aka the devil will crush your dreams as seen here. (I may or may not have used that analogy for the FHE lesson. ha ha ha)

 Kory and Axel made Axel a robot (which he played with for DAYS) he even added it to his robot guys he takes to bed.
 Jess and Skyler thought they needed a break from shane and left him with Grandma, and only brought the new baby, sheesh! But she made it up to him by making him a robot too.
 Skyler made this house
 After feeling completely devastated that my house fell, I made a new one, with a much better foundation this time. Axel called this his Robot Factory!

A couple days after Dani became mobile!

And this is just a really funny video of my kids. Sometimes they love each other, other times they fight over toys.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twas the Season

The Season for us came and went way to fast
we sure do wish it would stay and last and last!

We celebrated our savior, and rejoiced with much joy
Filled our days with tinsel, goodies and toys!

We decked halls, visited Santa, goodies we baked
we made presents, sang carols, our joy was not faked
We spent the season with many friends and family so dear
But are looking forward to starting again with the new year! 

We have packed it all up now, and are saying goodbye
To a wonderful year, we will try not to cry.

2011 we had a baby, built a company and so much more
but we couldn't have done it with out all our loved ones galore! 

The Christmas season started right on schedule for us, the day after my birthday weekend. I ran around like a crazy lady the first day in attempt to get it all up before I had Kassie's kids the next two days. I ended up tripping on a small step and spranged my ankle...mind you it still hurts. Because of that, the kids ended up helping me out the next couple of days.

 uh Axel, the beibs called and wants his hair back....Axel got a hair cut, it was pretty sad.
 This cute girl turned 6 months at the end of November,  so we took these pictures to document it.

 Axel and Story had to have a turn.

 We have this skeleton key hole in our back entry door, and my favorite part of this years decor is you could see our tree from the hole everytime we came home. I tried to get a good picture, this is all you get.
Neighborhood Christmas Play date

We did another neighborhood progressive playdate. But this one we did at the church, so it really was just a Christmas party. The kids had fun with the photo booth, we made ornaments out of play dough, read a story, had a great lunch, and decorated Christmas trees with frosting. It was a good time!
 These girls are less than a week apart, Dani just woke up from her nap so she was slightly disoriented and confused. But I love Anna's face here, it cracks me up!
 Dani kept taking Anna's binki, what a stinker
 Decorating Christmas trees
 Axel enjoyed eating the decorations before he even got them on his tree, oh well!

Christmas Parties GALORE

We had Kory's Work Christmas party this year at the ROOF in Salt lake city, this was our view! It was so BEAUTIFUL! It was nice to get out without our kids too! Thanks mom and dad for watching them for us!

Anderson Christmas Party
Axel using his killer batting skills.

I thought this one was funny because the whole time Story went Axel said "My turn, Axel's turn!" from that point on. Those two!
This was Axel's Robot Arm

Poor Felix, Santa was just too scary for him
Axel has really gotten to love spending time with Kim's kids since they have been spending so much time in our studio, I am glad he is finally becoming more outgoing.

Dani surrounded by her cousins or 2nd cousins or cousins once removed, who knows, but they all thought she was so great.
Friend party in Park City-we got together with my girl friends and families this year, it was such a good night, and it was nice to spend time with them and all their cute families. -I stole these Pictures from Jessica Peterson, go here to see more.

 Christmas Eve with the Jorgensen side: We had a yummy lunch and then exchanged gifts, it was the perfect Christmas Eve. I forgot my camera at home, and I was super bummed, because I knew my mom had something really special planned, so my cell phone was what I had, and the pictures are lacking.
My dad reading the boys a story, they sure do love their grandpa!
 My mom made everyone in the family a super hero apron! The ladies got Wonder Women and the Dudes, Super Man, she made over 20 of them this Christmas season! She is Wonder Woman! The kids loved them, and I love wearing mine when I am cooking, because I already know I am wonder woman, but now I have the outfit to PROVE it.

Baby girl got this dolly, and it is her FAVORITE toy.
I couldn't get my family to take a picture with all our aprons on when we got home, but here are our aprons together...

Axel wore his Robot Costume to the Christmas Party, and he got that little Robot figure too. 
Christmas Morning! 

This little boys face when he saw the stockings, was priceless

He loved his stocking stuffer Robots (His favorite of all gifts)
So did baby girl-I think she thought she was being naughty getting into it, that is her thing lately.
She got a hippo
We opened lots and lots of presents

And maybe tasted a few...
And played with them to our hearts content
And wore them...
And tried everything on

We took a family picture by our tree, this was the best one, and it is a pretty sad one at that, but we'll take it. We hurried and got ready for church and maybe were there for 15 minutes, but at least we tried right?

We had christmas tree waffles for breakfast/lunch and found out Axel love Raspberries so much, he ate all of his, mine and the rest of the box.

After we headed over to the Anderson Grandparents for giving of gifts, and to play with cousins and Kory's siblings. It was a great way to end our evening, I wish I would have taken pictures!

Gifts from the heart: a home made Christmas 

This year we opted to make all our gifts, I figured my kids have so many toys already, and we really don't have very much money right now, and I had a ton of fabric, so I wanted to give it a try. And if I do say so myself it was my most favorite Christmas of all times.

So in no order of importance...

Peg People-Super Heros! From left to right
Super man, Tigris, Batman, Liono, Pirate, Spiderman, Panthro or "The prophet" as Axel calls him, and Optimus Prime-Axel is so into little figurines, I thought he would love them, and he does! Batman seems to be his favorite right now. He goes "nananananana batman!" We got together with my friends (old neighbors) Sheri and Anni to make them for our kids, it was such a fun afternoon. The kids played and we crafted, the boys kept wanting to come take our people though. I had so much fun I kept making them, and still have a bunch I want to make!
 I made and designed this pea coat for baby girl. I took an old pattern from the coat I made Axel at this age, and revamped it and altered it, it is a bit big for her in the shoulders, but already it is starting to fit her better. But it turned out super cute. The purple buttons are from her Great Grandmother's button supply :)
 Soc-to-pi-Ash and I got together and made our babies these cuties, They no longer have the eyes, Dani ate them off within minutes, I guess I need to sew them on!

We also made the boys these dinosaur tails! Axel LOVES IT!
 I made her this ear warmer,
 Dani was givin a girl version of this doll when she was born from my friend Shere, and Axel loved it, so I thought he would love a pirate one...Thanks Sheri for lending me your pattern!
 Since he is so into dress up, I made him a super hero costume for it
 and a cowboy costume! I had a lot of fun designing these patterns and costumes.
 Axel LOVES church, he also LOVE dad's Pink and checkered tie and is always asking me for his pink tie. So i made him a couple ties to match dad.

 Since the boys were matching for church, I decided to make baby girl and I matching Maxi Dresses. She pulls it off much better than I.
 I made Kory this card table to play games on our bed, and it works wonderfully! It is made of hounds tooth felt and a styrofoam board. The felt holds the cards nicely
I also made Kory a piano warmer for his piano to keep it even tempt and in tune, and a scarf for me to match girls coat. (no pictures sorry ) I made my mom and mother in law recipe card holders, and my dad a heating pad, and my father inlaw hand warmers. (the guys are SO hard to make gifts for! ) OH and I made boots for baby girl, I can't believe I don't have a picture of them, but I don't! I will post one though later.

I made ornaments for all our neighbors and family, home made sugar free fudge, nut clusters, and roasted cinnamon almonds (Think the ones you taste in the mall, but these were GOOD for you)

I was quite the busy bee working on these gifts all December, but it was SO MUCH FUN! Kory was
crazy busy recording this song (but it is still not completed, but here is the first go at it)  and my sister in laws Kim's kids all December, (still working on getting that finished up)  so I had plenty of time to get my stuff done after the kids went to bed.

Believe it or not there is more to this post but I am going to save that for later.