Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its all been a blur

Two weeks ago my Grandmother passed away.

Two days later we drove to Idaho and rejoiced the life of my dear sweet grandmother, Laura Grace Pratt Call. What an amazing woman, a woman of love, sacrifice, service, compassion, and happiness.

Two things that stood out to me at the funeral:

1. SHE WAS LOVED. So many sad faces, but also so many happy faces, as people reminisced and told story after story about her life and what she meant to them.

My Great Aunt Letti ( her baby sister) has Alzheimer's Disease, and doesn't remember a thing. Cute little thing, big wide eyes and so friendly, even though she doesn't remember anything, she knew who her sister was. She went on and on about my grandmother. She went up to my grandmothers casket and said "Ohh that's my sister, that's laura, doesn't she look soo pretty, Charlie doesn't Laura look soo pretty?"

At which point my Grandfather turned to her and said "You should have gone first."

uh yeah, nice Grandpa, BUT I know my grandmother would have found that situation HILARIOUS. As she had an amazing sense of humor.

2. SHE WAS WISE. My Uncle told a story that she once shared with him. She Counseled:

If you hand a child of a glass of milk and tell them "Don't Spill the milk" They will focus so much on the negative and in turn only hear Spill the milk, and eventually Spill it.

But instead instruct the child to "HOLD IT STEADY" and they will hold it tight and not spill it.
He said she was a positive person and was always looking for the good in everything and every situation. And instructing her children to do so as well.

My grandmother was a miraculous women. I will miss her everyday, but am glad she is healthy now and can go about her work in the Lord's Kingdom. I know she is watching over our family, and getting my babies in heaven ready to come down here to meet us, by assisting God in "...greeceing their butt's and Sending them down the Rainbow." -Said by Grandpa Call to my mother when asked where babies come from.

Love you Grandma!
Laura Grace Pratt Call
October 29, 1929 - July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 3rd and 5th of July!

This year was so fun! I am not sure if it was because once you throw kids in the picture everything is THAT much more exciting or if it was because instead of having one really LONG day of partying we had 3 days of fun. Whatever the reason it was a great weekend. And I am pretty sure Axel was a huge fan of this holiday!

With Axel's obsession with balloons how could I pass up an opportunity to go see the Hot Air Balloons? (even with the 6:30 am launch time I was pretty excited to see this boys reaction.) However due to winds and such, ACTUAL launch time was somewhere around 8:30, but it was well worth the wait.

As seen here he was ALL SMILES when the balloons took off! This picture was worth every minute I lost of sleep. (lets be honest though, how much sleep do I REALLY get anyway?)

Lucky for us we sat RIGHT infront of the only 3 balloons that took off!There was a lot of waiting going on before and as you can see, the kids started to get a little grumpy waiting for things to happen.
Who likes waking up in the morning? Not this kid. (Like father like son!)

But his spirits were soon lifted after we walked over to the park and he saw all the balloons, and his silly cousins.
Cute Patchett Family
Us with my cute mom, (In case you were wondering Kory said he was "almost tempted to come a little", but sleep won in the long run, are you surprised?)

Liesel, Liam, Amy and Axel
The littlest boys club ever, and still growing (Oldest to youngest) Nicolas, Jacob, Hinkley, and Axel Don't forget the newest member, Liam (uh who is envious of those long locks and lashes?! What a cutie!)


After the Balloons we went swimming with my family at grandma J's

That night we kept Axel up and drove to the Fireworks. Sad to say he thought the mosquito wipes and the sprinkler box we were sitting by were much more interesting.

On monday we along with the rest of the Vally went to the parade, and I can say, this was my least favorite part, but I think we will still attempt it next year (no pictures either)

But after the parade we went on a picnic in the park, and while walking to our blanket, my mom tripped on the sidewalk and fell and hit her head, and it was scary at the time, but we laugh about it now.

This is my mom getting mad at me for taking picturesHowever, when I saw the fire truck driving across the lawn before the guy helping us got off the phone I couldn't help but laugh.
And here is the offending curb

I pretty much just have pictures of swimming, but there was a BBQ, we were late, but the food was great!



Rainey and Syd
Story trying to get in
Cole, Jeremy and Austin
My baby holding on to the side all by himself!
Fattest baby award goes to AXEL
Trying to blow bubbles with mom
Cole (he came up to me and said "Amy I am a really good swimmer this year, watch!" Turns out he was trying to convince me so he didn't need lessons :) ALL good things come to an end. Some how, some way my baby slept through ALL the fire works, and they were LOUD. He was out! But don't worry he woke up once they stopped.
Side note: I was playing around with some Editing Actions in photoshop ( I have seen them all over peoples blogs for years now, and thought they were all just amazing photo editors, turns out all it takes is a click. (Big thanks to Kassie for saving me many many hours of trying to teach myself how to make my pictures look like that too) But I was trying to decide which ones I like the best. I opted not to do the Anderson BBQ because I thought people might want to snag the pictures from my blog and not have them vintage-a-fied.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Crappity Crap crap CRAP

About two months ago we loaded up are family to go to IKEA...
and BAM RUMMBLE RUMMBLE RUMMBLE we had a flat tire.
Three hours later...
All loaded up with 4 new tires BUT one less door handle we were on our way. -$300
About a month later...
Kory got pulled over for his expired registration, and got a ticket. -$40
A week later...
He got pulled over AGAIN, and got another ticket. -$40
A week later...
We decided it was time to get his car inspected so we took it to Jiffy Lube and had it spruced up before the big test. -$100
Same day
Took the car in for its exam. - $40

Safety Failed for
1.Broken handle ---BIG THANKS TO COSTCO for pulling that off, and NOT telling us and then acting like we were jerks for asking them to replace it.
2. Hood wont latch

Emission Failed for
1. O2 Sensor
2. Catalyst System ????
Half hour later
Drive to Autozone for some answers.
purchase an O2 Sensor. -$150

I also get a hold of a salvage yard and am able to purchase a replacement handle. And hood latch because they don't make our car anymore. -$50
A few days later
Kory fixes the door handle
My pops replaces O2 Sensor and Latch. -$FREE 99
The next day- Wednesday of last week actually
We take it in for a Retest
EMISSIONS-FAIL- Need to replace the Catalytic Converter
Same day-Wednesday
Take the Car in to the repair shop and get that replaced and the other o2 Sensor -$440
Take it BACK to Jiffy Lube and get all the fluids topped off
Take the car BACK in and RETEST

Renew Registration. -$115
Pay tickets and get $20 off our tickets, and think to myself , "hmm was this really worth saving $20? Oh well at least we have another year to drive it..." WELL...
One Week Later
Driving back from the airport, it starts shaking and clunking, so we pull over (NOTE that it was the same area we got our flat tire in that started this mess.)

Scared that its something bad we call both our dads, and they both advise us NOT to drive it so
Kory's dad comes to the rescue and tow's it away to the shop.

This morning -After two days of waiting
We called and found out it died. Engine seized!

But right now we are sure wishing we could have seen that coming when we got that flat tire, we would have just called it quits from there and been $1255 richer AND had a car to trade in. SIGH.

PS. Did I mention that I got it DEEP CLEANED for Kory for Fathers day? Carpets and all. Sucks, AND I got rear ended as I was pulling out of the parking lot to pick him up. yeah. I guess I should be glad it's gone.