Monday, April 4, 2011

A picture of words

The sound of the organ booms through our home, as the choir members sing.

Bundled up on the couch as a family, on one end, Axel lays across Kory's lap with his bottle, and I and baby girl on the other, my feet rest on Kory's lap next to Axel, and Kory's next to me. Baby girl moves in my belly to get comfortable and I feel her begin to hiccup as she adjusts. I pretend she is tapping her feet to the music.

Axel is in his adorable stretch pajamas that only toddlers can pull off perfectly, and Kory in his dark blue Bigwig band sweatshirt, both boys hair is tousled and unkempt, but matches their sleepy eyes perfectly. Axel rubs his fingers through his own hair and looks up from his bottle to his dad and mentions something about the organ being a pirate ship.

Our house is filled with laughter.

Little dog rests behind us on the back of the couch, basking in the sunlight coming in from the window.

Big dog sits at Kory's side resting her chin in Kory's hand pleading for him to scratch her ears or rub her tummy. We both tell her to sit and relax. Axel laughs behind his bottle and mimics the command, shaking his little finger at her over and over.

Kory and I both smile.

We bow our heads as a family and pray together with the millions watching worldwide, we listen to the words of the prayer and plead silently in our hearts to be enlightened by the spirit, and for the answers we have come searching for.

The spirit is felt in our home.

Kory and I join the congregation and say Amen, Axel follows our example and throws his arms in the air and praises AMEN!

It is a beautiful day.

To watch/listen to this session of General Conference, or to learn more about Eternal Families click Here.


Diana and Jon said...

How cute!

LeRae said...

Your post made me smile~
our conference is this comming week!

Vanilla Day

Ashley said...

That conference really was a good one!

rain said...

Glad your Conference weekend was great!