Sunday, September 21, 2008

So here's the story from A-Z, you want to get with me you gotta listen carefully

On Friday we went to Maggie's Jr Cheer performances at the Payson High football halftime. And guess who they were playing? Timpview...but we sat on the Payson side.

It was very nostalgic to look out across the field and see all the orange and blue. I must say they had a pretty week following. (but hey that's Timpview right?) The whole atmosphere brought me back to highschool. All the high school students hanging out on the side lines, and the crazy parents in the bleechers. But mostly it was halftime that brought back all the memories. I didn't go to many football games, unless we were dancing at halftime, and even then we were in the danceroom for two hours before halftime.

The Payson drill team even did a little number after the cheer thing and I missed most of it because I was too busy taking pictures of my adorable neice. But I did see them walk off the field, but I could see it in their faces, all the nerves, all the adrenaline, the accomplishment of getting out there and doing that dance they have been working on for months and nailing that tripple, or the not nailing it! OHH so many memories!

Now this is for all you Timpview Drill Team members from my day, when the Timpview football players came back on the field, guess what song they played?

I will give you one guess...

"Na na naaa naaa na na na ...THUNDER!" I was exstatic, it brought back so many memories! It is crazy how music does that! I love that after what 9 years that song is STILL used.

Anyway, my neice did a GREAT job on her dance, she was beaming from ear to ear from all the attention she got, and even though it was only a few seconds, it was great! Thanks again matt and Shauna for inviting us. We had a blast!

Here are the photos:
Them walking out to the field, that lady kept getting in my way, but she is the girl with the pigtails.

All the girls ran out the field and Maggie, of course ran in her own direction, this lady is ushering her back to her spot on the opposite side of the field.
She is next to the pink hoodie
She was SOOO happy when she was done.
The video was to the spice girls "If you wanna be my lover"
I love that that song is considered retro now. Makes ya feel old huh?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We're DONE!

Hip hip hooray! We couldn't be happier about the way our bathroom turned out. We have had most of it done for while now, but were waiting on a few things before we posted any pictures. It feels nice to have it all done. Our bathroom has definitely become a haven for us. I want to thank everyone who helped us make it happen. I wont mention names but you all know who you are. Thanks again, and we love our new bathroom.

Some of the features before

PLENTY of floor room and sitting space

The sink was my favorite part of the bathroom, nothing better then having the option to wash your hands in HOT HOT water of COLD COLD water. Warm water just didn't happen, and lets not even the mention the fact that we couldn't turn them off all the way, EVER.

Ahhh there is NOTHING more refreshing than a medicine cabinet that makes your toothbrush reek of mildew! NOTHINGLets not forget the CRAZY amount of storage space we had. I mean really, who wouldn't love having this much space?!
Now I don't want you to forget how awesome our tile was in our bathroom, or the fact that the towel rack was in the shower, I know it TOTAL genius.
As you can see our bathroom was at its prime I must say and we were VERY sad to see it go.


The new and very much improved sink and counter top....

Double rod towel rack which we put OUTSIDE the shower, you tend to take this simple thing for granted when you go without one for 9 months.

Some bamboo for good luck. I made this plant from stuff I got at IKEA. (Next to it is a cotton swab holder.)

Our CURVED shower rod, if you have tried a shower with one of these you know how much more spacious it makes your shower feel. It gives you much more arm room, and you don't rub your elbows on the curtain. The curtain is also from IKEA. Kory's sister Kelli has one like it to, and she gave me permission to get the same one. Thanks Kelli :)

I really love our bath faucet! Its bamboo (sorry for the water spots, I should have cleaned it before I took pics)

Kory built these awesome shelves for me (I stained them, something that has now become my favorite thing to do) They will eventually have more towels on them, but I need to do laundry first. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008


We went to lagoon this weekend with Kory's work and HAD A BLAST! It was so fun, we go every year with his work, this year was a little more fun because Kelli and Kyle came a long, and we also hung out with another employee and his wife. The lines were shorter for the most part, well until the afternoon, but we got to practically walk on to Wicked. I am always so entertained by lagoon. I love watching people and I strongly believe Lagoon brings out the best in people. I am always AMAZED with all he high class folks that visit Lagoon. GOOD TIMES!

How did this ever make it to print! This was probably the funniest thing we saw that day.
This isn't us on Wicked, but it was taken while we were looking for Kyle's phone that fell out of Kelli's pocket at about this point on the ride. We did find the front, but he is still missing his battery. Apparently it's common place to drop stuff. They even have a set time for when they go and search under the roller coaster for your lost items.

While we were searching for Kyle's battery in the parking lot, I made out like a bandit! I am now $1.37 richer! Kelli and I played "Wac-a-mole" and I WON this care bear. I decided to give it to Maggie.

I just like this lady. She is combination between the bride of Frankenstein, the wife from the Munsters and Rapunzel.
Me and Kory

Kelli and Kyle

Josh and Noel.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor day

To avoid being redundant, you can read all about our labor day BBQ on Shauna's and Rainy's blog. But I did want to post some of the pictures I took for everyone. As well as the very awesome video of Andy's dance performance. Being a dancer I take pride in the ability to be able to dance in front of people, however that is after months and months of practice and choreography, and I admire Andy for having no fear, and just doing what he feels like doing.


Kory. Kyle. Nick

Brit. Tiff. Jess. Austin