Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Amy!

This isn’t really my thing, but it needs to be said, so here it goes.

My affinity for Amy started when I ‘re-met’ her at Training Table. We were talking and I said something with my usual amazing sense of humor and she looked at me with these eyes that emanated this excitement for life that caught me off guard. So much so, that I think about that moment often.

That lead to this that the other and bam! We’re parents. Growing up I assumed being the parent of small kids was just playing all day and teaching them to say funny things. It turns out that that is only a smaller part of the deal.

Amy sacrifices a lot for our family. I thought that this was a good place to post this since every other post on here shows just how much she does for our kids. While I partially joke about how easy she made it seem to have a baby, she was made for having/raising kids.

Dani gives me an inventory of everything that happens every day when I get home. I’m always amazed at how much they do and learn.

She teaches pre-school every couple weeks, teaches singing time in church, and all the kids seem to gravitate towards her, and love everything she does.

Lest you think I’m missing the point of Motherhood, I know it’s not about how much you can do in a day, or how crafty you are. I point out these things because it’s time she spends with our kids doing things that will help them learn to be better people. She puts most, if not all of her time into things that are for the family rather than herself.

I can spend all day on the things she does, but I’m most proud of who she is. She is selfless and loving. She’s a natural teacher and the best mother I could hope for for our kids.

Most people know I would be lost without her, not only because the kids and I would probably starve if she were gone, and most of the important things wouldn’t get done, but because she is my sure-foot in life. She inspires me and supports me, she is always there and willing to help, when I’m willing to put my stubbornness aside. She’s smart and creative in ways I don’t understand.

These words are inadequate, but I love you Amy. Happy mother’s day.