Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Last night

Last night I said to Kory:

"Can you believe we have 8 and a half weeks left?!"

He, looked at me, shocked and stunned and said,

"What happened to the 9?!"

Needless to say, It seems like time just keeps cruising on even faster for us as we get closer. We have so much to do and so little time to do it in. Yeah I feel ginormous, and each day I swear this kid triples in size, but I wont mind if this kid decides to stay a week or two later.

Kory went to scout camp this week for a couple days, and while he was away I went over to my sister Hilary's house for a much needed pedicure. I couldn't wait to get home and take a picture of my pretty toes and blog about it, but when I got home and looked down at my toes I realized I somehow managed to scuff the crap out of them. I still can't figure out how on earth I did that. But despite that the little polka dots are smeared, I still have been getting compliments all week long from my little swimmers that my toes are just so pretty! My niece Taryn who attends my swimming lessons sometimes said that she too wanted to have her nails painted like that after seeing mine. :)

Anyway that is all for now...I know super boring...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

30 weeks and a trip to labor and delivery

Those who know me well, or even a little at all, know I tend to over do it, take on too much, push myself to hard, but don't realize I am doing it until way after during the recovery/breakdown stage. Yesterday was one of those said occasions. You see, Saturdays around our house are a big deal, we have a lot that we cram in on those days because it is Kory's one day off during the week, and it is also the day that we get ready for our busy Sunday full of church, callings and family dinners.

There is just LOTS to do always. I am a busy person and like to stay busy. That is just how I am, so yesterday my to do list wasn't abnormally long for me, but perhaps for someone who is in their 30th week of pregnancy it was just too much.

I started the day by loading up the dogs and heading over to a friends garage sale, then from there went and delivered around my neighborhood some invitations to a baby shower for my friend, and some invitations to mine as well. That was kind of hard, it was REALLY hot outside, and I couldn't wait to get it done.

After that I came home ate some lunch, and headed to the grocery store for just a few items to get us through the weekend and the first part of the week. Nothing too out of the ordinary. When I got home from the store I put the groceries away and made Kory some lunch (he wasn't home before)

Then I began to tidy up my house, and help assist Kory on some of the things he was working on, but nothing too strenuous I thought. I didn't feel like I was pushing any limits for myself.

But by the end of the night I was beat. So I took a nice bubble bath with lavender to help relax my back and hip muscles, and reduce the slight swelling and pressure in my feet. We then settled down for an intense episode of Heroes and then it was off to bed.

Right before I switched off my lamp, I felt a sharp pain in my uterus and accompanied by the tightening of my uterus. (like Braxten but painful) I was a little alarmed but thought well, I will just go to bed and I am sure it will be fine, its probably just Braxtens and round ligament pain.

Well, my body felt differently, and I continued to have those same pains throughout the night. In the morning I decided I would time them and see how close they were, and call my doctor if they were pretty consistent. Well sure enough 8 minutes apart exactly every time. So I called the on call doctor at my doctors office and they told me to come in to get monitored.

Two thoughts came to my mind about this...
1. If I go in and they tell me its just constipation or something simple like that I will feel dumb
2. If I go in and they tell me its not just constipation or something simple I will be scared out of my mind, and probably just lose it.

So Kory and I headed out the door to the Labor and Delivery unit. They checked us in, and took us back to one of the labor and delivery rooms, they gave me a gown and had me wait for a nurse. When our nurse came in she had me take a urine sample, and then hooked me up to a fetal heart monitor to check his heart beat, his heart beat was very strong, and she said she was actually really surprised that it was so strong at 30 weeks. She then strapped another monitor to my belly to see if I was really having contractions.

Sure enough I was, and the timing continued to be pretty consistent. She then said they were going to take some samples for two tests to see if that is what was causing the contractions.

Both tests came back as negative, which is good, because it meant I didn't have an infection, and it also meant that I most likely wont be going into labor anytime soon for at least two weeks. But the contractions continued. So they gave me 3 shots of a this gross stuff called Brethine. The Brethine stopped the contractions, so she said I could go home. They told me to "take it easy" for the rest of the day and for the next few days and that later this week I am to go see my doctor.

So it was quite an adventure for us today, hopefully we can keep these contractions at bay, so I don't have to go back in and get an IV in my arm. Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

29 weeks?!

29 weeks down 11 weeks to go! I have said this before but I feel like it has zoomed by!
However, it seems those around me feel otherwise.

For example, today at church a member of the bishopric came up to me and asked...

Member of the bishopric: So how close are you to having this baby?

Me: "I have 11 more weeks"

"REALLY!??" Staring straight at my belly, eyes wide in disbelief, "I thought you were almost done!"

Me: Smile, and blush and say "yeah I know I am huge"

So I shrug it off and assume that maybe its because he is older or because he is male. But then after church Kory told me that a woman in our ward approached him with the same question and the same shock and disbelief followed when she found out I still have a WHOLE trimester to go.

I feel huge, but I have felt pretty big the whole time but now people around me are starting to recognize that I am huge. One thing that I always assumed would be the case when I got pregnant is that I would carry it way out because I have an extremely short torso. Both my sisters were the same way.

But even knowing that this day would come, sometimes when I walk past the mirror and I get a glance of myself, and am completely surprised because it just isn't me. Has anyone else felt that way? Lately I think to myself will I ever feel like this is MY body again? Or do you eventually get so used to having the basketball tummy that when you aren't pregnant anymore you feel strange?


One of the VERY first things Kory and I purchased for our house was a garbage disposal, because our house bless its heart, didn't come with that commodity. At the time we thought surely you can not function in a kitchen without one, it just isn't possible.

But because our house wasn't actually wired for a disposal in the kitchen we didn't realize how hard it would be to install it and deal with the insanely crappy electrical (Side note, we were told our electrical had all been updated when we moved in). We estimated that we would get to our kitchen remodel sooner then we have, and we thought we could tough it out until we got to our kitchen.

So our disposal sat in its box under our sink for over a year and a half. But surprisingly we survived. We did a lot of scraping food in our garbage old school style. It wasn't pleasant or convenient, by any means, but we survived. It is not my first choice of course. And I am pretty sure we are the only people we know who don't have one. But we survived

Well yesterday, that all changed.

Kory went to work and figured out a way that we could install it without really having to remodel and pull out all the cabinets and counter top and backsplash. It was still quite a job, but he got it done and by last night after dinner I got to use my garbage disposal! It makes me want to do my dishes just so I can use it! I am going to buy an orange tomorrow or lemon and put it to the real test, and so my kitchen will be filled with the aroma of citrusy goodness!

I know people think I am strange for posting such simple things such as toilets flushing and a running garbage disposal, but in my defense, until you know what it is like to go without these simple things, you really can't judge, and you would want to document the occasion too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Kassie and I got together this weekend and made these baby bags. It took us a long time, and we ended up skipping a couple of the steps for the sake of sanity, but when they were finished we were proud of ourselves. At the same time it made me sad that our project was done, and now I want to move on to more projects. It is so much fun sewing together. (we will have to get together again soon) We spent both Friday and Saturday working on them.

Then on Sunday I worked on this Changing pad clutch. I can't wait to use it when my little guy arrives. I know it is somewhat feminine for a BOY but he is not the one who is going to be carrying it, I will be. It is green and blue? And I told Kory that if he thinks its too girly for him to carry, we can get him a super macho baby punk bag for him to tote around too, you know with studs, safety pins and patches :)

Speaking of Kory, while I ditched Kory all day Saturday to work on the bags with his sister, he worked super hard on our back yard. We had this GINORMOUS green bush that was right smack in our back yard, and probably was overgrown about 20 feet, kid you not. And he worked all day to chop that down in the blistering sun all by himself. Not only that about a month ago we worked on our back yard together to cut back/down some of our trees and I was no help at all. I had to sit down like every half hour because my feet would hurt or my back would from bending over. I feel bad that I am not much help when it comes to hard labor these days. Especially at a time when we really need things to cruise by quickly. If anything gets done on our house or yard it is because Kory is the one working long hours to get it done. I am grateful for all his hard work, he is so great.

But take a look at the before and after picture or our yard.



I have been thinking a lot about this pregnancy and how quickly it has gone by. Maybe its because it is over the summer, and lets face it, summer is just not long enough and by the time it gets here it is already over. I know I still have 11.5 weeks left, but seriously I feel like I should have 20. I am just not ready! I mean, a part of me is because I am dying to see this little guy, and hold him and kiss him, but at the same time I have all these worries. Parenting is probably a lot harder than I can imagine. And I feel somewhat in a chaos mode right now. This is a HUGE transition for us. I am sure I will be whistling a whole new tune come September and will just be dying to get him out! Or maybe once I have my shower I will feel a bit more prepared and can start planning and preparing and making space for all his stuff. But I just feel like this pregnancy, like the rest of my life it seems, goes by too quickly with not much air. Perhaps I am too busy and need to take some time to relax and rejuvenate.

Speaking of baby showers, my baby shower is going to be Saturday Aug 1, so save the date.
I am getting my baby shower list together and if you would like an invite to my shower shoot me an email and I will for sure send you one, or leave me a comment on here.

Our 4th of July was great, we went to a BBQ on Saturday at Kory's parents house and then one at my parents house on Sunday. (No pictures at either event sorry) Lots of good food and family tho.
Other than that it didn't feel too much like the 4th of July to me. No camping out for the parade, or freedom festival, or even watching the HUGE fireworks on blankets at the temple grounds.

But we did have to deal with the crappy Stadium of Fire traffic. And our neighbors doing crazy big illegal fireworks until 1 am! I almost called the cops, not because I am that crazy neighbor who hates those, because I could care less, but because every time they let one off, it would make a HUGE POP sound and it would send our dogs in to a frantic panic, and I was done trying to deal with that at 12 am, so for them to keep letting them off until 1 am was pure ridiculousness. (Is that even a word)