Thursday, September 20, 2012

An EPIC 3rd Birthday

I have intentions of getting caught up on my blog, and letting you all in on what our summer was like...but when I was uploading pictures from my three cameras, I was baffled that I had over 3,000 pictures! So I will just have to do bits here and there. Hopefully now that it is fall, and things have slowed down here I can get caught up! Fingers crossed !

Moving on! 

Axel REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a Super Hero Birthday party this year. So what Axel wants, Axel gets (It's hard being the first child :) ) 

To say Axel had a SUPER 3rd Birthday party would be an understatement, it was quite EPIC, and in my opinion, this was my most favorite of his parties. I think that was mostly because it was 1. Not at my house and 2. I had A LOT of help with planning, preparing and setting up from Kory and my go to party girl Sheri. Kory was the brains behind it all, and Sheri helped me execute it perfectly. 

Waiting patiently for their weapon training to begin...

Spidey Spray

 Locke and Savanah

 Olivia, Grandpa David, Maddy, and Aislynn all volunteered to be a villian for the silly string spray. :)  

Then it was on to the Hammer Toss

Next it was the Shield this point most of the little guests had moved on to the tramp and swing set. 

After that we attempted an obstacle course which included bomb diffusing, a spider web, jumping from a "Tall" building, and then striking a super hero most things it didn't really work how I envisioned it, but I think the kids had fun, despite how chaotic it was. Thanks to all the moms who stepped in and helped out! 

I am not even sure what happened with the balloons, I think we just ended up throwing them out and saying go crazy! I had to get after a couple of the older kiddos because they were getting too aggressive. If I ever did it again, I would split up the age groups into like 3 groups. 

Axel LOVED the balloon game, so I guess it was worth it. :) 


 Kory built an AWESOME spider web, I am not gonna lie, I went to run an errand, came home and he had constructed this from rope and steaks! AS you can tell he did a FANTASTIC job! 

The point of the game was to climb in... Catch Doc Oct
Then climb out! 


They were supposed to jump over the building, but Grandma J did a great job helping some of the younger kids over.


Story probably did this a million times. Until she caught her boot on the top and fell on her face. poor girl. 

Strike a pose for a picture

Um I love how Nixon joined in for the picture :) look at those baby blues! 

I only got first half of these pictures because both my cameras died and my phone was on it's last bit, and I had to save it for singing to the BIRTHDAY BOY.
Singing Happy Birthday to Axel...

He was a BIG fan of it this year! 

If  you made it through all that I am proud of you :)   

I absolutely LOVED how the decor worked out! And like always it is my favorite part! 

I opted to do butcher paper on the tables, I originally was going to get stencils and markers so guests could draw comics on the tables, but then thought maybe this is too young of a crowd, and I would have HATED for a marker to get in the wrong hands. But I really liked how the paper looked instead of the plastic table clothes. 

We made fringe banners and fringe table runners. (Which if you EVER plan on doing this, give yourself at least 2 hours per runner!) I do love how they turned out though! Thanks Sheri, and Ash for helping me fluff them!

I designed this banner in hopes to tie all the colors together. I really liked how it turned out, if you want one for your superhero, I have them in ALL the letters, just let me know! 
 Along with that I made a Happy Birthday banner. 
 But this was my FAVORITE of them all. It was my friend Sheri's inspiration, but it was SO fun to make, we just scanned in comic pages glued them together and posted them on jute, and it was DARLING! I also have the PDF if you are interested in this as well. 

 Here are the cupcakes I made, the liners didn't work out, but I think the frosting and sprinkles in various superhero themes...Captain America, Green Lantern, Iron man... were perfect for this crowd. The best part of that, was I found BIG tubs of sprinkles at Maceys in their Bakery clearance of all the colors I had been wanting to do! I love it when things work out!

 Then Batman 
 We hung signs from the banners above the tables, along with some pictures from Axel's Super Hero Shoot with the Amazing Jessica Peterson. 

Then we made these buildings from cardboard boxes, and butcher paper. I first tried glueing then, opted to staple them.

 And just because you probably are sick of pictures here are a dozen more of just some party guests being SUPER CUTE in their Costumes!

Super cute Kenneth and Arthur in there cute matching Spiderman suits!  

I can ALWAYS count on Ashdon to give me a smile, he melts my heart! Umm how cute is this wonder woman!? Cutest EVER!
Ollie's Outfit was to die for! And I love this picture of Nicolas soaring off the stump like Batman!  
 I really can't tell if this is Arthur or my cousins boy Alex...  And the Iron man just taking it all in he still talks about his birthday party, so I think we did good. :)
  I just know Axel was giving "spiderman" a command here, and Dani is lucky that aunt hilary spoil her :)