Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What a BIG Boy!

All smiles because...
...he is now...
10 lbs 7 oz! (20th %)
22 1/2 inches long (25th %)

Axel had his two month appointment today and did great! He is getting so big, I am really excited for him and all he milestones he is meeting like smiling and eye contact. I cant wait for him to start laughing at us instead of his poo. But with all this growth I am also sad that he isn't going to be my teeny tiny baby for very much longer. He is even starting to get too big for some of his outfits that he just barely grew into. :( It is sad to see them be too small. Especially the cute little jackets. It makes me want another baby boy so they get some good use :)

Axel, Kory and ZoeA Few Days Old
Two Months Old! (and no zoe has not lost any weight!) Axel loves it when Maddy sings to him

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing in the leaves...

Axel and I took a trip to Grandma and Grandpa Andersons the other day to take pictures in the leaves. (We don't have any in our yard yet , and they had a ton.) He was asleep when we got there, and didn't like the bright sun much. We were in the shade, but that is still too bright for him. My batteries died too, so we only got a few. But despite that we had fun on our trip and I think the pictures turned out cute despite my lack of talent and skill. Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa A for letting us use your yard!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall in full swing

Kory has NEVER been to bridal Veil falls, can you believe that?

So we went up the canyon on Sunday and took a walk through the canyon. It was nice to get out and enjoy the warm fall weather and to look at all the beautiful colors of the leaves. I love the canyon in the fall. It is one of my favorite things about living here.

Some scenic pictures

baby and me
Kory will be mad at me for posting this picture, but its not a dog walk without the dog poop! (don't worry we clean up after ourselves)
This picture makes it seem like we had no one else on the trail, but it was packed full of families and people taking pictures everywhere.
I love the red bushes and trees. They are my favorite.Bridal veil Falls! So beautiful this time of year!
Our first family picture! I'm holding zoe because right before that she pulled herself out of her collar and chased after a dog.
Axel flashing his gang sign.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pie and Pumpkins

I know, most people make pumpkin pie this time of year, but I have been craving key lime pie! Kory can't have sugar so I made this pie with agave, and it was YUM! Believe it or not the entire thing was sugar free! Crust and all!
Then on Friday we carved pumpkins at Jess and Skylers house.

Mine and Axels pumpkin: its an A for Anderson
Kory's Pumpkin
Axel is getting more and more smiley and interactive. We love it!
I put his mobile up in his pack and play and this is his first reaction. He loves to watch all the animals go around. (please ignore my voice in the background and my crappy camera skills)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I know its been a while since I posted...I have had bloggers block. It all started when Kory suggested I post something else besides stuff about Axel. And so I tried. But nothing came, because my life right now is all about him. So this post is going to be an update to catch you all up on him and us but mostly him.

Axel caught a cold :(

At about 4 weeks Axel caught a cold. It wasn't a bad cold but because of the time of year and season we had to take him to get his snot sucked out at the hospital. It was horrible. But like always he was such a good sport. And after that the nose sucker I used on him didn't make him as mad. I hate having a sick baby. Its so sad to see them in so much misery and they can't do anything about it. I also hate the paranoia that comes with it. I try not to be paranoid but its hard, and sick kids are the worst.

They weighed him again at that appointment and he was an awesome 7lbs and 13 oz! So he is growing quickly. *that was at 4 weeks, so I am sure he is heavier now. He is still small, but getting bigger and chubbier by the day. He has moved on to size 1 diapers now.

By the end of last week his cold was on its way out and he is feeling much better now, and we are all doing better because of it.

He is now 6 weeks old, and his new trick, is looking you in the eye and smiling. He is happiest in the early morning after a good long night of sleeping, and in the afternoon after a good long afternoon nap.

When he was born we found out that his hips weren't quite developed all the way. We just had our 2nd set of ultrasounds done, and they improved so much all on their own with out the help of braces that we wont be needing to put him in braces after all. It was such a relief for me. It was like first the Billirubin, then the hips, then his cold, the kids couldn't catch a break, but things are looking up now, we were all relieved. We will have to get him checked again in 6 weeks to double check to make sure they continued progressing. But his doctor wasn't too worried. The specialist said that its common in the firstborns and preemies, and sometimes there just isn't enough room in the womb for it to finish developing.

Another thing about him is he is such a snugly baby! We love that about him. He is also the most content kid in the world! We are sooo lucky!

He does have a gas issue, we thought it would go away by now but it hasn't. He gets really grunty when he poops. And around 11 pm each night he gets fussy about it. I think its a combination of pain and tiredness. But I could be wrong. Anyway I don't know if its normal for him to be so bothered by his bowl movements or not?

This was him a few days old, he was so ity bity!

Now at 6 weeks. You can see how much he has chunked up! Its great!
He does this thing where he runs his fingers through his hair and holds his Binky at the same time. Its so cute! It reminds us of another little nephew we have :)
Just looking around at everything. He loves staring at the blinds behind our bed.
I just love this outfit on him. I think its adorable. Him and zoe hanging out :)

This face cracks me up (sorry for the poor quality, its from my phone) He does this face the most its always after his dad kisses him too. :)
His new trick this week! I love it!
Tummy time, and holding up his head (this was last week) last night he was holding his head up and looking around at everything, he is getting so strong!
He is working hard to get our basement completed, and keeping our yard maintained. Big things are going to happen soon with that, and hopefully you can all see pictures. He had a good birthday, thanks to everyone who wished him well and supported him on this his day! :)


I was released from YW a week after Axel was born, and put in as the Relief Society Secretary. This has been a hard transition for me. Especially since I have only been to church once. But I am enjoying my new responsibilities. I miss the girls tremendously, and get really lonely come Wednesday nights because Kory gets to still go. But I am getting used to it, and am finding new ways to embrace my calling. I know that it will bless my life, just as serving in the YW did.