Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Talk about a miracle!

Ok, before you do anything else go Read this.

So I may be late to the party on this one, Kory sent it to me this morning and I pretty much bawled my eyes out when I read it, but I also was soooo happy for that family. Amidst all this tragic sadness, talk about a freaking miracle!

Can you imagine that poor little baby? How tiny and how scared, going without food, or her parents for days? And in all that water? I can just imagine how exhausted and fatigued she must have been when they found her. But also can you imagine the angels that were surrounding her to keep her alive through all that? It is absolutely amazing.

And not to mention the moment she was reunited with her parents. If they have that reunion on video I don't think I could watch it without crying for weeks over it. I can not imagine what those parents were feeling as they realized their baby was gone, and then to find out she lived and overcame all that? I mean can you imagine!?!?!



Jasper and Stephanie Stevenson said...

I CRIED AND CRIED... :( I am sure that gave them more needed strength to search harder to find all of the people stranded.. That baby is such a miracle !!

Ashley said...

I think i may have to pass on reading it, I'm almost in tears with you just talking about it.
With these prego hormones once i start there is no stopping.

Jessie Eyre said...

I can't even look at it. I don't think I am stable enough to read something like that. :)

Being a mom I bawl over anything that has to do with babies. Why can't I figure out how to cry when I get pulled over or mad?! Nope. Dry. Only about babies.

Anyway, loved your girl post. LOVE that name. Great choice...although I still think ROSE would be cool with Axel. You could call her ROE. That would be sweet.

maida said...

That is so amazing, you would be so overjoyed that it would be hard to process.