Saturday, July 23, 2011

scottish fest 2011

We went to Payson' s "Festival of Scottish stuff"

Here are some pictures

Axel running around

Felix and Axel
Axel joined the dancers on stage
if you're thinking I took this picture to show my son looking at the dogs you are wrong...Kory hates hates hates pocketless jeans, so this is really just for him
"ah nice" That is what axel says after giving anyone a hug.
We came primarily for the bagpipes...
Sitting on the grass waiting to do something, but just sat and visited with...

And this little lady showed up with her dad and brother, I just thought she looked so pretty standing there.
Dani was there, but slept the entire time while we walked around. Like always. :)
When we left there was this tree and it was dead but strangely it was very interesting to me, and I thought it was sad, so I took a picture.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Church stuff...

Sometimes I get sick of my ward, my calling is hard, and I complain a lot about it. Which I think is why I am still doing the same calling for two years. (longest in my life, side note Kory has changed his almost a dozen times since I got called.) But that is not to say that I don't really love my ward, and the people in it. Especially in the summer.

I love that our ward does "walk and talk" every Sunday. We get a chance to get out with our family walk around the neighborhood and then meet at a host family for dessert and mingling with our neighbors. It is so great, and most of the time that is how I get to know people in our ward. This has also really helped Axel get to know people and kids in our ward better, and come out of his shell a little. It is fun to see him watch the older kids in awe, and run around with some of the tots his age.

I love that our ward has so many kids and babies my Axel and Dani's ages. Kory said on our block alone their are 13 babies around Axel's age and younger soon to be 14! That is ALOT of little kids. Dani was one of 5 babies born within a week of each other. (1 sister moved, and the other goes to a student ward, but she lives on our block) But the 3 that stayed all had sweet little girls.
Here is a picture of us with our babies

and just our girls...

They are youngest to oldest... Dani being the oldestDani looks like a "thugga" with her headband.

We also really love our stake picnic they have every summer. They have sno-cones, and cotton candy, face painting, rockets, and this year this giant beach ball! My camera died and so this was the only pictures I got, but it was Axel's favorite part :)

Axel chasing the ball

Getting a chance to push it
Running for his life as it heads towards him. I know it's mean but his scared run for cover face cracks me up every time, and I can not help but laugh.
And then we have a "Ward Pie Social" where we just get together and eat pie and visit. This is a pie eating contest. The bottom picture he was dry heaving from eating too much, but he ate a good portion and was the youngest contestant.

It was kind of nerve racking this year because it was at a park by the river, and have you seen the river this year?! It was crazy high and fast, and I was on edge the whole time. Luckily Kory kept close watch on Axel, but all the moms where pretty freaked out. This last picture is of Kory and Axel at the pie social.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our 4th in pictures...

On Saturday we went to Lunch at one man band with grandma and grandpa J, and then swimming the rest of the day with cousins. I sadly didn't take a single picture, but we had fun, and it was my first time really swimming since I had Dani. It was great!

On Saturday night we went to the fireworks, and lasted maybe 5 minutes.

Dani looks like a totally different baby when she just wakes up. She has such a swollen sleepy face I love it!

On Sunday Axel dressed himself for church...
We went to grandma and grandpa J's to have a bbq, play croquet and do more fireworks
Axel never leaves my parents house empty handed, this time they sent him home with a tinkertots set still in it's packaging that she had gotten from my grandmother's house. Kory made it into a pirate ship for him :)
On Monday (the actual 4th) we got up bright and early thanks to our dogs...but it got us up so we could make it to the balloonsSide note: This was Kory's first and he said last time he will do the balloons. He was really disappointed they didn't let them take off that day.

Then we walked over to the parade, and really had fun, until a football came out of nowhere and landed right square on Dani's chest. It was the saddest thing ever. But she was such a good sport about it, and didn't even have a bruise!

Because it was overcast for most of it we got to enjoy it for a while. Then the sun came out so we decided to leave. This Pirate ship is the only picture I got.
Then that night we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's for a BBQ

Axel saw Grandpa sitting by himself over by the fence, so he brought him a basketball to play with. He thinks the world of Grandpa, I love that they are both wearing their hats in this picture!
There was lots of food, fireworks and fun!
We made glow stick jewelry
Time for a fashion show....

Tiff and Austin with their bling
Jeremy is bad to the bone with his handcuffs
Maggie with the worlds longest glow necklace
Kyle bringing nerdy back with his headgearBut I think the most creative had to go to Andy and Axel...

Axel sporting the glow nose

Andy with his Oversized glassesAnd his Belly sticks :)

While I was off playing with the kids, apparently all the moms where doing their nails. :) My sister in law Rainey was kind enough to do mine for me during the fireworks! Don't they look fabulous. Sad to say they didn't last longer than a couple days though because We had a really fun holiday