Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last night was an exciting one for me. It was the long anticipated "Dance Recital" of my two cute students/nieces Aislynn and Riley! I have been teaching them dance since January, and we sort of had to rush them for the recital because my sister in law, who teaches piano invited us to be a part of her piano recital. Also, this was their first dance recital ever so they didn't really know what to expect or how to prepare and didn't realize that dancing for a whole crowd of people on a stage is much different then dancing in a living room. I was so proud of them, and so nervous for them as well... even though I wasn't the one dancing. I am hoping this performance made them feel good about all the hard work they have put into it over the past few months.


I am posting the video of them so you all can see how cute they are! (Please ignore the flailing arms in the front of that crazy women!)

Also, thanks Kelli for letting us be a part of the recital, I know the girls had a great time! We should do it again maybe?

So you think YOU can dance?

Then after the recital I FINALLY got to watch my favorite show. Kory and I don't have cable in our new house, and due to all of the remodel and the fact the we are living out of boxes, we haven't gotten around to putting up our "rabbit ears" just yet... but yesterday I INSISTED.... and we taped them to our unfinished wall... as seen here...

So as I was watching the show and who do I see? My old dance teacher Bonnie Story! Her daughter made it to Vegas (for those of you who don't watch the show, thats a big deal) Bonnie was one of my many teachers at the U. I ended up taking her same class for I think 4 semesters!

And then I could have sworn I saw one of my fellow dance friends from my high school dance team, but it was just for a second, so I am not sure...

But that is not the only point to this. What my night taught me about my life is this. I NEED to start dancing again. I miss it so much, and I realized its been a whole year since my last dance class, and I am feeling it in my soul. There is something about dancing that makes me feel alive! It has always been such a big part of my life! I have taken breaks from it here and there, And I will definitely NEVER be as committed to it as I was in high school. But I need to keep that a part of me, because dancing is important to me.

Monday, May 26, 2008


We celebrated our two year anniversary this weekend. I can't believe its even been one year, let alone TWO! This past year just flew by. Its crazy how everything seems to speed up once you get married. I love being married to Kory he is my best friend, and I couldn't have asked for a better husband.

On Friday night we went to Outback Steak house. The food was soooo good. I have never been there before, and it truly was as good as everyone said it was.

After dinner we drove up to Salt Lake and stayed in the Down Town Salt Lake Marriott. It was nice to get away from our house and stay in a clean dust free environment.

In the morning we woke up bright and early and spent the rest of the day at the Hogal Zoo!

We had so much fun at the Zoo, we both love animals a lot, so it was really fun for us to walk around and see all the different animals. I even made friends with the monkey that looks like Rafekee on Lion King.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The things they learn from us

I'm babysitting my niece Maddy 3 and my nephew Nicolas 2 right now, and Nicolas took the back off of the channel changer, and Maddy came running to me with it in her hands and said "Amy Nicolas BROKE the changer channel"

And Nicolas came a screaming after her, like he does every time she rips something out of his hands.

So I say

"Oh lets fix it!" and Nicolas stops crying because he too wanted it fixed, and Maddy is happy because she thinks she is getting her way.

"All fixed" I say

And Maddy says to Nicolas "Nicolas, when you do that it makes Maddy very sad"

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ok so many of you already know this, but I have a friend who is 92. Her name is Elma, and she is my neighbor. We met in our ward when we were paired together to be visiting teaching companions. She is a very sweet, and I have been known to spend quite a bit of my time with her.

Well yesterday she invited me to a lunch at the Senior Center that was honoring all those over 90. The party had already started when we got there, but the people hosting it quickly brought over a corsage and took her picture, and she was just beaming! When we sat down to our seats, the man across from me immediately hocked up a big wet and slimy something from his mouth and spat it out onto the remains of his dinner. (I was just so excited to eat!)

Then they brought us our lunch, and I was pretty disappointed. It looked like noodles with canned dog food on top, and it smelled like it too. So I picked at the MOUND of corn on my plate and pretended to get "so full" can do that around old people because they have small appetites, and they don't really notice how little you eat, but more if you eat too much. (Last time we had lunch I was so miserable because Elma gave me a lecture on drinking water while I ate so I felt bad for drinking water, and anyone who knows me knows I drink a TON of water while I eat, it helps me wash the taste out of my mouth so my food doesn't mix.)

Anyway back to lunch, I was "finished" with my lunch, even though I was starving inside, and to keep myself from throwing up I had to dispose of my food STAT. So I gathered: my plate of dog food, my roll that they put on the table instead of a plate, my bowl of orange jello with the mixed fruit on top (I absolutely HATE jello), my white cake with orange goo dessert that wasn't tempting at all, and my carton of 2% milk, which I don't drink because it's too thick, and I walked to the garbage can. Then I came back, and the man sitting across from me, (the one who spit up on his plate) looked down at his plate, then looked at me, then back at his plate. So I asked "Would you like me to take your plate" and he smiled and said yes. So I gathered his plate, and took that to the garbage, then I walked back to my table and the two men next to him looked down at their plates and back to me, and then back to their plates. So I offered to take their plates as well.

As I walked back to the table to join Elma, she had gotten up and was walking towards her friends table. At first I thought she was going over to talk to them, but then I saw her face, and it was about as red as her jacket, and I knew something was wrong. So I ran over to her, and could see that she wasn't getting any air. So I jumped behind her and proceeded to attempt the Heimlich on this frail 92 year old, and screaming for someone to come and help

"SHE'S CHOKING! SHE'S CHOCKING someone PLEASE, SHE's CHOKING" and all I got in response were blank stares. Everyone was completely oblivious to me and to Elma, including her friend who we were standing directly behind when this happened. And all she said was "Oh everyone Elma is here to say hi!" I thought to myself THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! WHY doesn't anyone notice this! Why am I the only one doing something!

Then Elma started coughing so I stopped my "attempt" at the Heimlich. She still couldn't breath, so we walked outside, and because she started coughing, people finally noticed that something was just not right. A man in his 50's (probably their with an older parent) came and helped me take her outside to get some air.

She kept coughing for about ten minutes, and then it finally slowed down, so we went inside, and sat her back down. Then people said to me, oh is she alright, when clearly she was because she was sitting right there.

I just couldn't believe this happened. I guess they are used to the coughing, the hacking the staggered walk, that is all common place when you are 90. Or maybe no one could hear me over all the "racket" (in Elma's words) that the grand piano was making. Or perhaps there responses slowed. But it was just one of those things I hope I never have to go through.

She finished her lunch, and visited with her friends and I took her home.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The break in

Last night or rather morning, as Kory and I peacefully slept we were woken by a very loud crack, smack, smack, scratch, clunk! Right outside our window. Naturally, I immediately assumed someone was outside our bedroom window prying the frame off. In any minute they would be inside our room, gun to our heads, demanding we hand over our all our money and Zoe.

So I said "Kory do you hear that"
Kory: "Its just the rain and wind" groans pulling the covers around his shoulders and rolling away from me.
Me:"No, its way louder, and its only coming from that window, I think its some kind of animal"

And then I see its shadow, as it plops onto our window sill. The outline of the stupid black cat that hangs out in our garage and leaves streaks on my car window. The cat that has left not one but two dead birds in my yard, and now was after the babies in the nest by our window! The nest that kept Kory and I from taking down the grape vines and Ivy off our house, because we saw the nest and didn't want to harm the babies or mama bird, or take away their home. That same nest was now being attacked by a predator. It wasn't my house that was being broken into but theirs.In the morning I went to see what damage this big stupid cat had done to my windows, and what did I find? THREE claw holes in my brand new screen! And a bunch of crying baby birds. I can only hope and pray that that stupid cat didn't take the mama, or one of the babies. Normally I would not be so upset over a screen, but its not JUST about the screen it A) woke me up and for that reason alone I hate it. B) I already hate most cats, because I get really upset that they climb up into trees and kill baby birds and C) I hate how they ruin everything with their claws! Now we have holes in our BRAND NEW screen, and if we ever open those windows, bugs will get in... the annoying kind, like spiders, and flies, and bees.

I know I shouldn't be this irate about the whole thing, and I know if it was a raccoon I would have been more forgiving. But I can't help but worry about the baby birds I heard chirping from inside the nest.I am not asking anyone to hate cats, that is not my intent at all. But maybe you can see why I detest them so much. I know many people will be upset by this post, many of my cat lover friends, I am sorry.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How do you say "Lilac"?

Kory and I have been having this ongoing debate on how to pronounce the word "Lilac". He says it is "LIE-LACK" and I say it is "LIE-LOCK"...The dictionary says its both. I really don't care, but every time I say LIE-LOCK or talk about them Kory corrects me and says "LIE-LACK". But I am curious what you all think on the subject.

Moving on...I really like the smell of Lilac bushes. It is one of my favorite things about spring and nature, and it reminds me of my childhood house, and my mom. So naturally I was just thrilled when I found out that the mass amount of dead shrubs in our back yard turned into about a dozen really big "Lilac" bushes. We don't intend on keeping all of them because of where they were planted. (right smack in the middle of our yard) But I decided today that I wanted to bring some of them inside. I don't own a single vase, (except for the one I borrowed from my mother in-law that already has flowers in it) so I created one out of a small jar that once held some peanut butter. I cleaned it out and put a ribbon on it! I know right, super creative! I don't know, I thought it was cute...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome Krew!

I just wanted to post some pictures of our new nephew! Kurt's wife, Karen gave birth to this adorable little baby boy on Saturday. He was born on May 17, at 1 am. They named him Krew Jackson Anderson. This is the first baby born to one of Kory's brothers or sisters since we have been married, his last nephew was born just a week or so after we started dating, so really this is the first Anderson nephew that I have been around when they were born. I think he is the start of many babies to come! Here are some pictures for those who haven't had a chance to see him yet!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A productive Saturday!

Kory and I got a lot done on our bathroom yesterday, well Kory did, i was really just there for moral support and to hand him what tools he needed. But, we got all but a tiny square on the ceiling drywalled, and half of bathroom up. (we have to do one more thing to the other wall before we can do the other side.) We would have finished that yesterday too, except we had to take down another wall, and we also ran out of drywall. It is really coming together, and it relieved a lot of stress I think for both of us. Because up to this point its been hard and messy. Now we are just getting to put it all back together!

The "extra" wall we had to take down and rebuild

For the most part most pieces are always a headache to put up. But this was perfect. Kory did a really good job. LOOK at that edge! perfect all the way down.
This is where our mirror and vanity lights and vanity are going to go

View from the toilet, the hole is for the medicine cabinet.
This is the new ceiling. It is WAY more challenging than it looks.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's day blues

Its been a couple of days now since Mothers day, and I think I can finally say or rather write as to why this mothers day was particularly hard for me. Maybe explain exactly why I balled my eyes out the whole time during sacrament meeting, as I listened to not one but FOUR talks about motherhood. I am sure people all around me thought I was a basket case (including my husband). I can't give myself all the credit for my emotional breakdown, hormones should get a shout out or something for their part in the production.

Don't get me wrong, I am not writing this because I have a horrible mother, in fact I have a wonderful mother, who is loving and kind and so self sacrificing. you wouldn't even believe how much my mom puts everyone else's needs first over her own. She put up with so much of our crap and still loved us for us, which to this day still baffles me. I also have had countless other "substitute" mothers in my life as well, like my two older sisters Hilary and Liesel and mother inlaw for example. So you see I am very grateful for the many mothers in my life, its not their fault.

And I guess the reason I am writing this is because I need to vent. As much as Kory wants to be their for me, this is one subject I have talked him to death, and maybe, maybe once this is all written I will feel better?

You see, for those of you who don't already know this, I am ready to be a mom. I have been a "substitute mommy" for many many years now, I think I was 12 when I started to take on the responsibility of helping raise my oldest nephew. And then the list just goes on. I have been helping raise other peoples children for nearly 14 years now. And it has been so fun, I am grateful for the strong relationships I have with those children because of it. And maybe one day they will all remember how much I loved them too.

I want to start my own family. This mothers day was hard for me because it was a day focused entirely on something I feel like is so far from me. And in a way I didn't want to celebrate it at all. I loved being with my mom and mother inlaw, but other then that I wanted to ignore it completely. Last year for mothers day it was different, I was totally o.k with the fact that I wasn't a mom yet. In fact I was happy I wasn't. But this year it was so much harder, and I can't really explain why except for the fact that I felt like mothers were flaunting their adorable little children in front of me all day. Even the screaming ones being escorted out church seemed to say to me "na na Nah na na". And I watched as moms walked around church heads high, shoulders back smiles from ear to ear. And they should, they have the right. I just didn't. And it seemed like people kept giving me acknowledgment out of sympathy. "Your not a mom now but you will day?" I didn't want to stand up and have a flower given to me, I didn't want to get any sort of special treatment, because I am not a mother, and I wont be for a very long time. And all the "recognition" and acknowledgment to future mothers, or substitute mothers was really really unnecessary. We know we aren't mothers, we know we don't have kids, please don't pretend that we do. We aren't the ones the kids draw pictures for. We aren't the ones they come to when they want to be snuggled at night. Or when they are scared or afraid.

I know I am being a baby about the whole thing. I really don't know anyone who has felt this way or has been this emotional about it. But most of the people reading this either, have or had kids, are pregnant, or don't want kids. So for them I seem completely erratic. And I know this is all totally unfair to Kory because he is the one who has to deal with me. And its not his fault that 100 years ago someone decided to dedicate an entire day to mothers.

So as you can tell I am going through a hard time right now. And I want to apologize in advance to any you if over the next year or so, if I become less then enthusiastic about what your children are up to, your pregnancy, or whatever. I really am happy for you and I will continue to do my best at being supportive of everyone. (Kory says I am good at that, so I would hate to loose that trait) But if I do come across that way to anyone, please ignore me and don't take it personal. Hopefully, none of you will guard yourself around me either.

Do I feel better? A little.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Young @ Heart : Movie Screening

We went and saw the screening of the movie "Young @ Heart" on Wednesday in Salt lake City. It was awesome! I wont give anything away because I know most people haven't seen it yet, but it was really good. When it comes to theaters I totally recommend it. It is one of those movies that changes your perspective on life and the things we take for granted. This movie gets 5 stars from me, and I hope you all will go see it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Betty Crocker... eat your heart out!

I have been looking for an apron for a very long time (I know right?). Anyway... I have been trying to find one since Kory and I got married. (going on two years this month!) I love cooking, but I am terrible at keeping my clothes clean while I do it. And I hate how I feel dirty after I cook anything. I have contemplated making one or buying one, and then I found this one... NEED I SAY MORE!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Today two of my nieces got baptized. My niece Riley Anderson (from Kory's side) and my niece Aislynn (from my side). The funny thing about this, is that these two girls are very similar, and just love spending time together. I am very proud of them both.

The Day went as followed:
Riley's baptism was at 8:30 am in Springville UT. The program was very nice, and the ward missionary, and 2nd counselor did a great job on their talks. Kory and I were both really glad we got to be their and witness such a special event for Riley, Rainey, Jeff, and Cole. It all went so smoothly. And Riley was beaming with excitement, despite her shyness.
Then on our way to the breakfast, we saw this...KANGAROOS!
Thats right folks right in Springville Utah, two Kangaroos. I have never seen a kangaroo up close like that. It was fantastic.

Then we went to Aislynn's baptism at 11 in Provo. Hilary had asked me to give a talk for Aislynn on the condition that I seem to be the least emotional of my sisters. And boy did I try my hardest to not cry during my talk, but as I spoke to my niece about the Holy Ghost, I realized my emotions were not going to hide themselves any longer. So I apologized to my audience (who was thankfully people that already know this secret about me) and got on with it. Once I accepted that I was going to cry, it helped me make it through the rest of my talk. And I think I did a good job. Then it was on to the baptism, and like a true dancer when dipped Aislynn's foot shot straight out of the water. (so they did it twice) The 2nd time was a charm. Then it was back to the other room for the confirmation. And that is when it happened, with my nephew Jacob in toe, I began my journey back to the primary room. Only I didn't make it, because about half way, my shoes got caught on a rug, and I heard a crack pop pop and down I went. All I could feel was my ankle, throbbing. My nephew was fine, but my ankle was not. Kory helped me up, and I couldn't walk on my ankle at all. My dad then came and he and Kory scooped me up in a cradle like position and carried me back to the other room so we could finish the program. I was trying to be brave, and not let others know how bad it hurt because I didn't want to steal Aislynn's thunder. We elevated my ankle on the chair in front of me, and Hilary's neighbor Cindy came to my rescue with a big yellow garbage bag full of ice.

Then it was a beautiful song by Aislynn and her friends. The spirit was so strong, and they did such a wonderful job. Their sweet voices calmed me right down. Then it was time for the confirmation. And my dad was blessing Aislynn when all of the sudden I heard a loud flap flap flap, and I looked up and a quail was headed straight down the hall of the church towards me. (I jumped with fright, and tried to continue to be reverent as my nephew sitting next to me exclaimed loudly to every one "scary chicken." When the baptism was over my 2 year old nephew turned to his mom and said with the most conviction and determination like he had just witnessed something extremely terrible, "Mom, that is a scary Chicken!"

Afterward Maddy came up to Kory and I and said "Amy, you need to go my house because I have a band-aid for your owee on your foot." and "Birds are not supposed to come to church!"
Even though I hurt my foot, and got attacked by a "scary chicken" the baptism was really delightful, the spirit was so strong, and I am very proud of Aislynn.


I finally got to walk for my graduation! (after 4 long months of waiting!) It was a very long and very boring ceremony. (as anyone would have guessed) But it was just the closure I needed. Up until now I kind of felt like I just stopped going to class. The best part about graduation was the bag pipes. I thought that was pretty cool, so it kind of made up for the rest. I still had fun, and my parents got me some beautiful flowers. My dad said to me as he handed them to me, "They are red and blue, for Utah and BYU." (I didn't go to BYU, its an inside joke about the school rivalry between me and my dad.) But I know that even though I didn't graduate from his School, I know he is still really proud of me. Thanks to Kory, My sister Liesel (and crew) and my Parents for making the long journey up to my school to be there.


Thats Me! (I know its blurry, but Kory tried really hard but the camera tweeked out on him and since I've been in his shoes once before, I totally understand.)

My super supportive husband....I wouldn't have been able to do it without him encouraging me to keep it up, and for supporting me both mentally and financially. :)

Thanks to my sister Liesel for coming all the way, I know it was hard for her to come and pack her babies all that way. I appreciate her support , friendship and love.

My parents, they really have always been my inspiration when it comes to my education. I still remember my mom's advice to me as a freshmen "Sit on the front row, it will make a huge difference" and "Get involved at the institute, it will help you stay close to the gospel, and make good friends." and she was right! (bet you love it when I tell you that mom) And for my dad who finally learned that good things come from the U too! (just kidding dad, I am grateful for all your constant wisdom and advice throughout my college career and life. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

After the graduation, I had an awesome barbecue and I was so grateful for everyone who came and supported me on this important day. I hope that all who cam had fun. I also wanted to thank everyone who came, for the cards, to my mom for all her hard work in getting it all together, and to my mother in-law for letting us throw it in her back yard, and for all her help. I couldn't have asked for a better day!
The grub! (provided by Mom J and Mom M)
The cute cake my mom got me! (the diploma even had words on it!)
These were the center pieces, crafted by yours truly...Oh how I love the dollar store!

Rainy lookin' oh so fine!
The Jeff Anderson clan

My sisters and dadOf course ash is holding the adi the whole time... :) I think someone needs a baby!

My mom with my sisters new dog "Mo" or Moses

Kory and Jess & Skylar Flygare. (fli-ger)The bravos: Dewey, Chuck, and is that Nick? I can barely see him hiding behind that pole

Grandkids and Great grand kids , both sides
Sarah and Jay , and is Ashley still holding that baby?

Kory and me

This is right after Nicolas fell off the Teador-totter, the only thing that made him stop was when he was offered a piece of cake, he just said "OK" and stopped crying.

Kim and Wendy, and their beautiful daughters

My dad

The Brownings
Diana put paper in her Jon's burger.
Diana convinced Kory to go on this with her. Then she made him stop because she was going to throw up.

He only smiles when he is disoriented. :)
Then Maddy wanted a turn. Kory made me go it with Jess, and it was the scariest thing I have ever been on! I seriously thought it was going to come undone.

Then Jacob and Nicolas wanted a turn. At first they were all smiles.

And Nicolas pleasantly enjoyed it...

but Jacob did not. when it started to move he just goes "Wow" and grabbed the bars. then he said "I wan down, down I wan down." Even though he was scared it was still pretty funny.