Friday, April 23, 2010


Is it too late to post about our Easter?

Well if it is, just deal because I am behind on my posts (like always)

So here is our Easter...
1. We LOVED waking up to our Easter pails! I think Kory and I had more fun watching Axel go to town on all his new toys then Axel did playing with them. (Note to self buying grass is a waste of money, I ended up just taking it out because he put it where? you guessed it, right in his mouth)

2. We LOVED staying in our PJ's all day while watching conference then eating a delicious lunch then back to sitting on the couch in our PJ's to watch the 2nd session. I Love Easter on conference Sunday. It always seems to be so great. But then again conference is always so great, and always exactly what I need to hear.

3. We LOVED spending time with both our families that day, we are pretty lucky to have both our families so close by!

Here are some pictures of our little Easter Bunny. :)On Friday the Easter Bunny came to Macey's and Axel and I just so happened to capture the end of it. He thought the Easter bunny was great, can you tell? ( In fact, when I went back later to pick up the pictures from Macey's I got to look at some of the other families pictures and BOY, you should have seen some of the terror in those kids eyes! But not Axel, I am sure he would have stayed with him all day if I let him. (Maybe I should get a bunny suit for my babysitters?) The picture below is after we got home I couldn't get enough of the face painting they did on him. How CUTE is he!?
A week before Easter I participated in our Stake Easter Extravaganza. We did a 5k, and then had a Easter egg hunt. (My friend Sheri was there and she captured this of Axel for me) He thought the Easter egg was pretty great.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

cousin cousin, who's got a cousin?

Axel, that's who! And LOTS of them. And it seems like lately we have been surrounded by lots and lots of cousins who just ADORE him!

Here are some of the pictures from the past few weeks!

Walk with Maddy, Nicolas and Story. In an attempt to get Story to sleep while I tended her at my sisters house while my kitchen was all torn up, we went on a walk around the neighborhood.
But it seems like only Axel was the one who got any zzz's :)

Later that day however while playing, Axel was enjoying his barbie doll. (this kid LOVES hair)

I noticed story lay down on the carpet, then a few minutes later she was still there so I took a peek and she was OUT! It was really cute. Kassie showed up like 5 minutes later. Perfect timing right? Isn't that how it always is?Ashdon and Axel's favorite "Aunt D" came for lunch all the way from San Fransisco. We made noodles and tomato sauce and had strawberry shortcake cupcakes for dessert.

I love that these boys are starting to play with each other. Ashley and I have been trying to be better about taking pictures of them together because we forgot like the first 5 months or so to do so whenever we got together.

Both the boys loved visiting with their Aunt D but I think their mommas loved it more :)

SPRING BREAK! During spring break my brother David's family came to town.

Aislynn, Maddy, Nicolas, Jacob, Hinkley and Adric came and played ALL week with us. We did fun things like paper clay animals/monsters, lunches at the Park, walks, played on the neighbors swing set, and blew bubbles. (Yes it was a very tiring week, but also a really fun one for all the kids, the mommy's were all a little worn out by the end.)

ALL THE COUSINS, except cute baby "LLLLiam" (that's how his older brother says it and it makes me laugh every time) got together for Aislynn's big 10th birthday! We haven't had all the kids together in a picture for a very long time. It was VERY challenging, and as you can see sort of chaotic, but I love it. And I can't believe how big all these kids are. My oldest Nephew turns 16 this fall, and I am still in shock, because it feels like yesterday that he was Axel's age.

I also read this quote at the start of this week, and I think it was HF way of preparing me for the week. "Today they are small, tomorrow they'll be grown, so enjoy today a little more, because tomorrow they'll be gone" Something like that. HOW TRUE THAT IS!

And at the end of the week this little guy got to FINALLY come home! Welcome home baby LLLLIAM!

Friday, April 2, 2010


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