Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 weeks and some rocking out

Axel tried out Dad's studio for him, and he had so much fun, that he even decided to dance, which is a new thing for him, and takes A LOT of courage.

I wanted to document my pregnancy with the people I have been pregnant with this time around. I was pretty bad about taking pictures of my belly with Axel, but even worse with this one.

So here I am with some of my pregnant posse at 30ish weeks.

Last Tuesday I took this picture with Ashley at her surprise Baby Shower I helped throw for her
Does everyone agree that I look like I could go into labor any minute? You wouldn't believe we were only a week a part by this picture. Or that two days later this picture was taken...

This is me at a Relief Society Birthday dinner with my Friend/neighbor Kirsten. Our babies are only 3 days a part, and we are both having girls this time. This picture made me feel better knowing that most of my baby bump in the above picture was due to my dress. ha ha

But I also feel like both the ladies in these pictures wear pregnancy better than I do. Aren't they both just glowing? How do I get that "pregnancy glow" everyone talks about.


Jasper and Stephanie Stevenson said...

Amy you look sooo cute with your tummy !! I Love it ! If u ever need anything let me know !

LeRae said...

How cute! I didn't know that Ash and you were only a weel apart~ how fun!

LeRae said...

Oh and how cute is that little boy of yours~ He is such a rockstar!

Jess~ca said...

Whatever Amy, You look super cute! I love that first picture :) And Axel is adorable rockin out in your studio! I'm going to be in Utah in 2 more weeks! I'm so excited !! Woo!

Ashley said...

You look great Amy, your so positive and happy that it makes you glow even more than the rest of us!!
I'm not glowing, I'm just super white in that picture.

Happy 30 weeks! Now we can look forward to 31 weeks, lets just keep them coming.

Sarah said...

It's good to see your bump at last and Axel is so cute!

Kyle said...

Are you.... really taller than that girl?