Monday, March 14, 2011

G is for Girl!

Guess what, we are having a girl!

Upon request from one of my readers, I am doing a post about said little girl, I realize I rarely ever blog about her, and maybe I need to start doing so.

So I am starting to get into the girl groove around here. I know this seems easier to everyone else, but for me it has been kinda overwhelming. I think mostly because with Axel I just had to look to Kory for style and inspiration. It just came easy, or maybe it just seems that way now looking back. But I admit even Axel has a complete style of his own, that has evolved as we have gotten to know him. Aka basketball jammies, who would have thought?

I have found myself browsing girl clothes only to end up in the boy section. I know once I have her I will get more into her style and her groove, and I am sure I will be able to "picture" her in something I find.

So about Baby Girl:

I get asked a lot if we have a name picked out for her.

Yes we do, it's Danielle, "Dani" for short, and probably what I will call her always. Kory and I both really love Boy names for Girl names or that can also be shortened to boy names. Like Samantha/Sam, And of course my alter ego "Dylan" (Michelle: remember that spring break where I convinced those boys that was my name the whole time and then one of them saw my credit card and was like "Who is Amy?" haha)

Anyway, Kory and I, never really like the same ones. But Danielle/Dani was the first one we both really loved. We have had this name picked out for our first daughter before we even were pregnant with Axel. It's not a common or popular one right now, so that is a plus :) But I don't think I have ever met a Danielle that I didn't think was pleasant. (IF you know one, don't share) But there is always a chance that she will come out and be one of the other girl names I have in my name bank. (like Dylan haha) We're not 100 percent sure if it is her name. But this is what we call her for now, and it probably will be her name.

About this pregnancy:
You all know about all my complaints this time around, I have to admit I am having a hard time with all the pains and ailments with this pregnancy. But one thing about this girl is she is strong and a mover. And although she is probably not literally dancing around it my belly, I like to think so.

I mean I thought Axel was strong but she seems to be way stronger. When she moves Kory and I both can see my stomach just go crazy. She also seems more reactant to the world around her. When I read to Axel, she will wiggle and kick and move around as if she is trying to hear our voices. She seems very aware of Axel's and Kory's voice.

One of my favorite things is to poke or wiggle my belly to see her move, and almost always she reacts right away, and it is something you can see outside. Kory gets mad at me for bugging her, but I feel like this my way of connecting with her.

We pray for her every night that she will continue to be that strong healthy girl, and that my body will be able to keep her healthy and happy. When we almost lost her at the beginning, and Kory and his dad gave me the first real healing blessing I think I have ever had where their were two priesthood holders there. But I could just feel the difference, and I knew she would be OK, I know my body is having a hard time with this pregnancy, it has been very vocal about it, but I also know that our little girl is a fighter and will hold on and stay strong. Despite my body wanting to kick her out.

Baby girls are SO in right now... :)
In our neighborhood there are two other ladies that are pregnant, one is a day before me, the other is 3 days behind me. And guess what, we are ALL having girls. It will be interesting to see when we all actually have them. Because one of the ladies had her last boy early too. But it has been fun to compare pregnancy stories and ailments with them along the way. In our neighborhood you don't know how long people will stay but I hope our girls will get to play a little bit together before one of us moves.

Also, my very best friend and niece Ashley is pregnant too, and only a week behind me. She is having a boy, but it has been sooo much fun having her around to compare stories and shop and chat babies with. Plus, our little guys (Axel and Ashdon) really do get a long so well, and they just entertain each other constantly. Before we met Kory and Nick (Brandon) we used to joke about finding brothers to marry so we could be sisters. We found an uncle/nephew combination instead, but still it worked out pretty great, p.s when does that EVER happen? I am glad to be on this pregnancy journey with her, and so close together. We have big plans for the summer full of walks up the canyon and trips to the pool. Life could be worse huh? If only we could speed through these next couple of months! I say that now, but I think I forget how much of an adjustment newborns are. But I can dream right?

Some works in progress:
This weekend I have been sewing up a storm for Baby Girl. (or should I call her Dani?) Anyway, my mom brought me a couple patterns she has, one for a blessing dress, which I haven't done yet, and another one for summer clothes.

I did this one on Saturday, from a piece I bought on clearance! So it really was super cheap to make. It's a modification from a jumper pattern that had shorts instead. I still need to make button wholes and hem up the bottom. We tried it on my newborn nephew and it was huge on him.
I added the knot ties to it instead of sewing them together. I really like how they turned out. But i think it made it extra big for a newborn. I am still trying to decide if I want to take it in our have her wear it later like next year. I would love her to wear it this summer though.I also did this one a few weeks ago, it was cinch as well. I am not done with it yet either, I need to add one more thing, so you will have to wait...

I am really into making these flowers right now. They are so simple to make but look so elegant and add so much texture to things. The beads sewn in the middle were from a bunch of tiny beads I got from Kory's grandmother. You will probably be seeing these flowers on a lot of the things I make because I can't get enough of them.

I also wanted to add to these fun summer dresses, this darling little jumper, no I did not make it, my sister in-law Kelli did, I am pretty excited to have this. I don't even know if she realizes how much this gesture meant to me. But I will try to explain it but I don't know if I can do it justice.

You see this picture here:
That baby is me, that is my mom and that lady in the background is my aunt.

Anyway, this picture is one of the very few, if only pictures I have of myself as a baby/newborn.
And one of the only ones I have with my mom. I love this picture, I love my moms face, and now that I am a mother I can feel what she is feeling as she holds up her baby girl. We were very very poor when I was born, and pictures weren't "free" like they are now a days. I have pictures as I get older, but times were hard for my parents when I decided to join the family.

That outfit is one of the only things I have from my babyhood, and I have held on to it all these years, and had it tucked away in my cedar chest. My aunt Janet (not that one in the picture) made it for me to wear, and I can't wait to have my own daughter wear it. Just thinking about it now, brings tears to my eyes.

I am grateful that she took the time and energy to make me this gift, as I am a person of sentiment, and I know this will be something I will cherish, and put in Baby Girl's keepsake pile for her, a long with my dress, to save for her own daughter one day. SO thanks Kelli, you really did make my day.


Emily said...

I love the dresses you are making her! So adorable. I love those flowers as well. I am not crafty at all but they are so easy even I can make them!
Eliza was crazy active as well. I loved it. I would be at work and just hold my belly b/c I loved feeling her move all around.

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

You're so nice, amy. I'm so glad you like it. It was fun to make. Your dresses are cute, but that yellow one is for sure not newborn! But it'll fit eventually.

Jess~ca said...

Love it! Those dresses are precious and I think that it is a good idea to post about the excitement of having a baby girl :) It's the sunny side of things, right?

What day is your baby shower again?

KaSs MiLeS said...

I am always so impressed with your sewing, you are so good and fearless! I really love the dresses you made, they are so pretty. My mom used to make us dresses all the time, even as a little girl I knew how special it was to have a mom that would sew for us.
I love the name dani, she will be so cute. Can't wait to meet her!

Shauna said...

Cute dresses! I bet you are so excited. Maggie was my hardest pregnancy in everyway, I was so sick, but having a girl is so fun in all of their stages. Course I haven't done the teenage girl stage yet, I might change my mind.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I'm so excited for you and I love the name!!! Axel is so dang cute so of course she is going to be beautfiul.

Ashley said...

How did i miss this post??
Weird.....weird still not okay being your niece.
Really, what are the odds that we get to be related!
I am excited to spend the summer being postpartum together...we will definitely try to make it fun!

rain said...

I think all the dresses are adorable. And you'll probably get to the point that I've always been at: Girls clothes are just WAY more fun to buy. (I don't know about making them, though) :)

You'll really enjoy having a girl. It's always scary to have the second baby, and trying to imagine feeling the same kind of love that you have for your child that's quickly become your world. But it happens. And then they're just another all-important member of the family.