Thursday, March 10, 2011


For Family Home Evening this week, we decided to make a trip to the Bean Museum.

I went a couple years ago with my YW group and loved it, so I was happy that they mixed things up again and it was still interesting this time too. Maybe it was the fact that I was experiencing it with my little family for the first time.

Axel of course had the time of his life.

He ran around the entire place pointing to all the animals, making their sounds and naming a few we had no idea he would recognize. (Hippo for example)

We rushed to get there in the snow to see their reptile show. I was kinda bummed at how lame it was. Axel was with me on that, he only cared about the giant elephant standing behind the lady with the mic.

And when she did finally pull out something from her bucket, (like this snake)

Kory and I had to pull out all the bells and whistles to get him to stop looking at the giant elephant and look at the lame lizard instead.

*side note, Kory was fascinated, and was bugged at me for my "bad attitude" I admit I was totally disappointed in the show, BUT in the end Axel got to pet the snake and lizard and he seemed to think that was cool...we think.

But after that we just let him roam the place, and roam and run he did. He was sooo excited!

Whenever we do things like this, I am also always impressed with how much Kory knows about animals. I would say, "look Axel it's a dear" and Kory would be like, "that's not a dear, that is (insert an animal I have never even heard of)." Or we would pass an animal and he would tell me one of the many many many facts he knows about that animal. I am just amazed he has the ability to retain all that information. I am just glad Axel obviously shares this same interest.

By the end of it I ended up having to sit down on a bench, next to another pregnant lady, while Kory and Axel finished up. While I was waiting a group of BYU students came in for "Family Night" and they were not only obnoxious, but when I we tried to get a picture of Axel in front of a display this obnoxious girl would not move. She just stood there chatting her head off to her other Zoobie friends. Mind you we were their first BEFORE they came over, and she just crowded her way through. We finally gave up and walked away, and guess what they did? They took a group picture in front of it! Where we wanted to. GRRRRR I was so bothered. Really kids, you can't get out of the way for like two seconds? SO rude.

I had to fight every fiber in my body not to say something snotty, because that is what I do when I am pregnant. I swear when I am pregnant, I have no patience for inconsiderate people, and I have no problem telling them so. You know how when someone says something rude to you, and you walk away and think about all the ways you could have "shown them", but didn't? I am like that most of the time, except when I am pregnant. So in a way I am proud of myself for not being rude to that girl, but I still think she was inconsiderate.

I think Kory appreciated that I didn't make a scene either. :)


maida said...

I loved going to the Bean Museum, it's been a long time since I went. I'm glad Axel had a good time.

KaSs MiLeS said...

Oh story would be so scared if we went there! She didn't like cabellas because we got to close to the animals.
Kory has always been obsessed with animals. He had a massive zoo books collection.

Kory said...

Just for the record, it looks like I'm forcing him to touch the animals. I was just holding his arm in case he got too excited and gave them a squeeze or a smack like he sometimes does to his dogs. He thought it was pretty cool.

Jess~ca said...

That is fun. Shane liked it last summer :) I had to keep telling him not to pet the animals though.. ha!

Jess~ca said...

Oh! And when they did the reptile "SHOW" the animal peed, right when they took it out to show everyone.. ha haha ha ha ;)

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I haven't been there in ages. I had it in my mind that it was super boring, but those pictures actually made me want to go. Too bad my kid wouldn't care about it at all. Maybe we'll go anyway...

rain said...

Yeah, the last time I was there it was way boring, I thought. But, I'm not a big animal lover, as we all know, so there you have it. I'm not even a real fan of zoos--especially in the summer and when I'm pregnant. The smells, the people, the heat...ugh. I just know they're going to make me go this year. However, glad you had fun. And glad you didn't make a scene. Since I'm so nice and friendly when I'm pregnant, I couldn't imagine how BYU students could be annoying. Ever. ;)

LeRae said...

I don't think I've ever gone to the Bean Museum all that time I lived there. It looks like a great place for kids! Axel is so adorable~ I think he's looking more like his daddy~

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