Thursday, April 10, 2008


They didn't die after all! My tulips made it and are beginning to form little buds! It is so exciting! Tulips are tough! As my 92 year old neighbor said when I told her I planted them the day before that storm "That will be just enough moisture! Oh how wonderful!"

Hopefully in a few weeks I will have flowers and my yard will feel a little more like home.

Now for my venting...

So yesterday I was peacefully working from home and zoe was doing her usual sitting on the back of our couch barking at anything and everything that walks by. Then the mail man comes and Zoe hates the mail man the most! And I found out why.

My mailman walks across my flowerbed to get to the next house! Being home now during the day I have noticed he walks across my grass, which I think is kind of rude, but yet he has the risk of walking across not only zoe's poo but all the other neighborhood dogs poo. However, yesterday it rained, and when I went outside last night I noticed big footsteps in my flower bed! I thought how rude is that, and how lazy! It's one thing to walk across someones grass, but entirely another to walk across their flowerbed! Kory told me to leave him a note, but I am afraid by doing so I will not receive my mail... I know how old am I? I sound like the crazy lady across the street. I just don't know what to do! Any suggestions?


Kat Clark said...

Amy as women who always speak their minds no matter who we are going to offend, I say you better talk to that stupid mailman! He has to give you your mail no matter what, he is working for the government. You don't have to bite his head off, but stand up for yourself girl.

rain said...

Just say, "Dude, could you NOT walk all over my flowers?" I have the trashiest neighbors in the world, and they do crap like that all the time. You've gotta realize you and the mailman will never be what's the loss?

rain said...

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that Cole LOVED his sea animals. He was sooo excited and told me, "Mom! Look what Amy gived me! Was that so nice?" I explained that they came from Kory, too, but he would have none of it. (Sorry Kory). So thanks, from Cole. Also, Jeff loves his CD. He said you two knew just what he wanted. :)