Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Mom

I have to post this picture of my mom. I absolutely love it. As I look at this picture I see so much of her love towards her family. I am always impressed and amazed by her strength and long suffering. I don't know if I tell her this enough or ever, but I truly admire her in every way. She is a wonderful mother, grandmother, and wife. This picture shows just how much she loves and adores her family and children. She devotes every minute of her time to her family, and to the gospel. I know that if I needed her to, she would drop everything to be by my side. I have never once seen her do her calling half heartedly. Even when she was feeling inadequate, she put her trust in the Lord and allowed him to show her just how talented she really is. I love her with all my heart, and couldn't have asked for a better mother. She is my hero.


rain said...

There's always got to be something said for a mom that their kids adore. When they're past their impressionable age. That's why I relish each moment with mine, while they're little. I just know that once they are teenagers to adults, they're going to re-hash every wrong parental technique I've used or am using. What goes around, comes around...this is not a comfortable saying for me.

KaSs said...

You and hilary look so much like her, i think its the mouth. She's a champ to raise all those kids. Especially mostly girls!