Saturday, April 19, 2008


So after last weeks dust fiasco, we decided that we should try to some how contain the mess this time to just a small fraction of the house. So on Monday night, Kory taped every inch off around the bathroom and the front room with plastic.

Today we finally got to take them down after our last day of demo on the bathroom, and I must say I am so glad we decided to put them up. The plastic did a great job at keeping the dust in the small area, and it pretty much lasted the whole 5 days, and I didn't have to clean all our blankets or wipe down our entire kitchen again! yeah for that!

Kory also thought of this great idea of making a door with the plastic. That way we could come and go without having to tape it over again, and it would still keep the dust from seeping out. It was pretty clever, and it did a great job!

Zoe however was not ok with it and got really frustrated when she couldn't get to us, and on multiple occasions tried to jump through the plastic.

I am really excited for our bathroom, it is coming along, we are hoping to put the vanity in by the end of this week, but we also ran into some issues when we removed the walls, so we will see about that.

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