Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It has arrived!

Yesterday I got my new camera! I am so glad to have a piece of me back again! I love that it has a ton of new and different features my other camera didn't (an optical zoom for an example), because I get to learn and explore with it. Not that I didn't love my other camera...I did, and I was truly upset when it was taken from right under my nose. But this camera was such a good deal! I have to give props to Kory for finding it for me. He is such a good online bargain shopper. But one thing that is kind of disheartening about the whole situation is that fact that in our day and age, what is good today may not be as good tomorrow simply because something new or better has come out. You are content with what you have until you see the newer version. Like many people I am sure, I have this problem. It gets so frustrating when you save all your pennies to buy something and you love it and then BAM a better version comes out, and if only you had waited a couple of days... but then if you do wait you will find that you can't escape it, no matter what you do there is always going to be a newer better faster version right around the corner.
With that said I would like to just leave one final thought:
It is important that we learn to appreciate what we have and that we embrace and enjoy it the same everyday the day it arrived in our hands. Like many things in the world there will always be something that is better. Why cant we just learn to love what we love tomorrow what we love today?

So I am saying goodbye to my other camera, not because I grew tired of it or because it lost its charm, but because it was taken from me.

In memory of my camera, here are some of its high lights.

The first day it came into our lives.

The night we got engaged.

Our honeymoon, it was a trooper taking picture after picture.

Countless holidays and family events for both.

Capturing funny moments of Zoe as she had it out with the grape, and other toys.

Our first apartment in Lindon.

Our first home in Provo.

Numerous family trips and vacations.

And much much more


rain said...

I'm glad you got your camera back, too. Look how happy you are! Good work for finding it, Kory.

Annie and Robb said...

Man, I hit the jackpot by finding your blog! Kory and Amy! I was on Kat's blog and found you two. I had no idea you two got married, but you are a beautiful couple. We should have a play date with our pups...I have a chihuahua named Chloe and she sleeps with Robb and you aren't crazy for letting yours sleep in your bed. It is so good to know you are out there and doing so well...Keep in touch! Annie Pinegar(Shirley now)