Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

So yesterday while I was tending my sisters 3 kids, my niece Maddy went to the bathroom. She was taking a bit longer then usual, so as I walked in the house to go check on her she came outside and said "I just needed to cut my hair," And when I looked closely she had cut her already struggling to grow hair into a MULLET! I couldn't help but laugh because she already has a mullet because the front of her hair just wont grow. When her mom got home, she ended up cutting it into a short bob, and it turned out really cute. For the record, her dad was the one who left the hair cutting scissors out on the counter.

This is what was on the floor of the bathroom
The new "Mullet"
The New Haircut!


KaSs said...

The new do is way cuter than before! I'm glad she cut it, its way cute! :0)

rain said...

her bob is way cute. I think every kid has to have a mullet in their life...either by their hand, or someone else's. Isn't it a right of passage? Riley had one simply because her hair wouldn't grow in front, as you mentioned with your niece. So I couldn't find the gumption to cut it...until I saw a picture of her and noticed I had let things get WAY too out of control.