Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Closet Kory Built

Here are the pictures of our new project that we pretty much finished yesterday, now we can begin our bathroom remodel! (excuse the angles, its harder to take pictures with your laptop than one may think)

This is the top shelf of our old closet...

This is the upper closet

Our old closet

Our brand New Closet! (We haven't decided on doors just yet)

The restored dresser...ok I just painted it, its still needs a lot of work, but it looks better than I thought it would.


KaSs said...

Restored??!! I'm thoroughly offended! My 15 year old self painted that!

KaSs said...

ps i'm just joking

rain said...

Wow, everyone is re-furbishing stuff except for me. That's not very fair.

Chelsboo said...

wow cory good job!


How are things~
add me to your blog~~~

Summer said...

Oh the joys of remodeling. I found a link to your blog! Yeah. James and I remodeled our whole 3 bedroom condo and during the whole process I swore I'd never do it again, but now that it's been a while and we've been able to enjoy the niceties, I think I'd do it again. It's a great way to add instant equity and feel like you're in a new home. Thank heavens for handy husbands!