Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kory's Saturday Project

After many months of waiting, we finally started to remodel our bathroom. By we, I mean Kory. He worked really hard all day Saturday to get it started, and he made huge progress. And while most wives might have been a little upset about coming home to a dirty and dusty house, I was thrilled, and impressed with all that he had accomplished.

First Kory took down our existing closet.

The demo from our first closet

Then he took down these walls

Then he cut a whole for the new bathroom door, and framed the door.

Kory has missionaries and the elderly do all his dirty work...Just kidding, they saw Kory and his dad loading the 2x4's into the house and stopped by to help, but all that was left was loading the sheetrock...I was just glad I didn't have to help him this time.

Kory found these "Funnies" from the 70's used as insulation in our wall. They had a 6 page spread!

We didn't realize how much dust would get over everything so we didn't cover anything...except the electronics, so needless to say I spent the evening, and all day Monday washing every square inch of our house.


KaSs said...

oh amy i feel your pain and i must say, DO NOT waste your time cleaning. I did that the first 4 times we demo'd and it's such a waste of time. i can see washing your comforter cover, but that's about it. You guys did make a lot of progress! :0) You will find a lot of funny and wierd stuff in your walls and floors! Have fun with it and keep documenting it! :0)

Kory and Amy said...

Do you know me at all? I HAVE to clean it up. Last night Kory pretty much quarantined himself to finish the demo and it worked pretty well. I will post pictures of it tomorrow.

Angie said...

That's quite the project! We finished our basement about a year ago. I remember leaving town for a few days and coming back to dust like that through out the entire house. It will probably happen again. It's way frustrating.

Kyle said...

What? You couldn't have panned down a little bit to show the wacky adventures of Alley Oop?

I'll have to content myself with my imagination.

rain said...

I think you should be thankful that you now know what Kory will look like if he were to become prematurely gray. It's a definite freebie into the future. Also, I'm jealous...have I mentioned that before? Why does everyone get to make huge changes with their homes except me? Is it because I'm poor?