Friday, May 23, 2008

The things they learn from us

I'm babysitting my niece Maddy 3 and my nephew Nicolas 2 right now, and Nicolas took the back off of the channel changer, and Maddy came running to me with it in her hands and said "Amy Nicolas BROKE the changer channel"

And Nicolas came a screaming after her, like he does every time she rips something out of his hands.

So I say

"Oh lets fix it!" and Nicolas stops crying because he too wanted it fixed, and Maddy is happy because she thinks she is getting her way.

"All fixed" I say

And Maddy says to Nicolas "Nicolas, when you do that it makes Maddy very sad"

1 comment:

rain said...

It makes Rainey very sad when Cole and Riley break, rip, spill, stain, etc., stuff around my home. I also tattle to someone, Jeff. And when her fixes it, because usually he does, it makes me very happy. I got my way. Maddy knows what she's talking about.