Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last night was an exciting one for me. It was the long anticipated "Dance Recital" of my two cute students/nieces Aislynn and Riley! I have been teaching them dance since January, and we sort of had to rush them for the recital because my sister in law, who teaches piano invited us to be a part of her piano recital. Also, this was their first dance recital ever so they didn't really know what to expect or how to prepare and didn't realize that dancing for a whole crowd of people on a stage is much different then dancing in a living room. I was so proud of them, and so nervous for them as well... even though I wasn't the one dancing. I am hoping this performance made them feel good about all the hard work they have put into it over the past few months.


I am posting the video of them so you all can see how cute they are! (Please ignore the flailing arms in the front of that crazy women!)


Also, thanks Kelli for letting us be a part of the recital, I know the girls had a great time! We should do it again maybe?

So you think YOU can dance?

Then after the recital I FINALLY got to watch my favorite show. Kory and I don't have cable in our new house, and due to all of the remodel and the fact the we are living out of boxes, we haven't gotten around to putting up our "rabbit ears" just yet... but yesterday I INSISTED.... and we taped them to our unfinished wall... as seen here...

So as I was watching the show and who do I see? My old dance teacher Bonnie Story! Her daughter made it to Vegas (for those of you who don't watch the show, thats a big deal) Bonnie was one of my many teachers at the U. I ended up taking her same class for I think 4 semesters!

And then I could have sworn I saw one of my fellow dance friends from my high school dance team, but it was just for a second, so I am not sure...

But that is not the only point to this. What my night taught me about my life is this. I NEED to start dancing again. I miss it so much, and I realized its been a whole year since my last dance class, and I am feeling it in my soul. There is something about dancing that makes me feel alive! It has always been such a big part of my life! I have taken breaks from it here and there, And I will definitely NEVER be as committed to it as I was in high school. But I need to keep that a part of me, because dancing is important to me.


Kory said...

Amy did a great job teaching those kids. And I'll admit that I didn't mind setting up the tv for so you think you can dance.

KaSs said...

They did such a great job!!!! Way better than the video i saw the other night, that is so cute!! Congrats to you and the girls and again I'm so sorry that i spaced the recital! Sounds like i missed out on a lot!

If you do start dancing i'll make it to your recitals! Kory and I made it to all your high school ones... kind of. :0)

Angie said...

I love SYTYCD too! I have convinced Jeremy to watch too...It's about the only show on our dvr right now. So you are not alone Kory:)

rain said...

It was fabulous, and I have to say, even though I AM a little biased, Riley and Aislynn are the best 8year old dancers, ever. Thanks Amy, for all your hard work. It totally paid off.

Chelsboo said...

You have really cute nieces!
Good jog amy~ ^ ^

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

Nah, it wasn't Nat Wakefield and it wasn't Bonnie's daughter who I was talking about. I miss Bonnie, don't you?! She's my hero and her daughter was incredible...

BUT, the friend who YOU and I know REALLY WELL wasn't even shown!!!! I'm so disappointed...but she made it through to Vegas and she even made top 20----so keep watching! But don't ask me any more questions cuz I swore I wouldn't say anything. Wink Wink

P.S. What cute choreography! You still have it in ya!