Saturday, May 3, 2008


Today two of my nieces got baptized. My niece Riley Anderson (from Kory's side) and my niece Aislynn (from my side). The funny thing about this, is that these two girls are very similar, and just love spending time together. I am very proud of them both.

The Day went as followed:
Riley's baptism was at 8:30 am in Springville UT. The program was very nice, and the ward missionary, and 2nd counselor did a great job on their talks. Kory and I were both really glad we got to be their and witness such a special event for Riley, Rainey, Jeff, and Cole. It all went so smoothly. And Riley was beaming with excitement, despite her shyness.
Then on our way to the breakfast, we saw this...KANGAROOS!
Thats right folks right in Springville Utah, two Kangaroos. I have never seen a kangaroo up close like that. It was fantastic.

Then we went to Aislynn's baptism at 11 in Provo. Hilary had asked me to give a talk for Aislynn on the condition that I seem to be the least emotional of my sisters. And boy did I try my hardest to not cry during my talk, but as I spoke to my niece about the Holy Ghost, I realized my emotions were not going to hide themselves any longer. So I apologized to my audience (who was thankfully people that already know this secret about me) and got on with it. Once I accepted that I was going to cry, it helped me make it through the rest of my talk. And I think I did a good job. Then it was on to the baptism, and like a true dancer when dipped Aislynn's foot shot straight out of the water. (so they did it twice) The 2nd time was a charm. Then it was back to the other room for the confirmation. And that is when it happened, with my nephew Jacob in toe, I began my journey back to the primary room. Only I didn't make it, because about half way, my shoes got caught on a rug, and I heard a crack pop pop and down I went. All I could feel was my ankle, throbbing. My nephew was fine, but my ankle was not. Kory helped me up, and I couldn't walk on my ankle at all. My dad then came and he and Kory scooped me up in a cradle like position and carried me back to the other room so we could finish the program. I was trying to be brave, and not let others know how bad it hurt because I didn't want to steal Aislynn's thunder. We elevated my ankle on the chair in front of me, and Hilary's neighbor Cindy came to my rescue with a big yellow garbage bag full of ice.

Then it was a beautiful song by Aislynn and her friends. The spirit was so strong, and they did such a wonderful job. Their sweet voices calmed me right down. Then it was time for the confirmation. And my dad was blessing Aislynn when all of the sudden I heard a loud flap flap flap, and I looked up and a quail was headed straight down the hall of the church towards me. (I jumped with fright, and tried to continue to be reverent as my nephew sitting next to me exclaimed loudly to every one "scary chicken." When the baptism was over my 2 year old nephew turned to his mom and said with the most conviction and determination like he had just witnessed something extremely terrible, "Mom, that is a scary Chicken!"

Afterward Maddy came up to Kory and I and said "Amy, you need to go my house because I have a band-aid for your owee on your foot." and "Birds are not supposed to come to church!"
Even though I hurt my foot, and got attacked by a "scary chicken" the baptism was really delightful, the spirit was so strong, and I am very proud of Aislynn.


rain said...

Okay, so I thought that I had a lot of turmoil going on at Riley's baptism because of my entire crazy family being in the same room...and the tension kills me every time. However, quails chasing you inside the church building? Spraining your ankle and being a gimp for the rest of the day? You totally win. Also, you handled it with great aplomb...I would have thrown my hands up and loudly proclaimed to all that would listen that I was going home...and that's what I'd do. I just about didn't make it this morning, and I didn't have to deal with half of that. So now we truly know who the stronger soul is. :) Also, I think it's cute that your nephew referred to the quail as a crazy chicken. Because that's the story I'd be telling everyone, too.

rain said...

Also, I hope your ankle is feeling better. That looked like it really hurt.

jbfly said...

If you need anything for your ankle just let me know!

[thanks for rockin out with rockband tonight, we had a great time!]

Kyle said...

It was the Sign of the Quail. The Holy Ghost was there!

KaSs said...

what a morning! Sorry about your ankle!