Sunday, May 18, 2008

A productive Saturday!

Kory and I got a lot done on our bathroom yesterday, well Kory did, i was really just there for moral support and to hand him what tools he needed. But, we got all but a tiny square on the ceiling drywalled, and half of bathroom up. (we have to do one more thing to the other wall before we can do the other side.) We would have finished that yesterday too, except we had to take down another wall, and we also ran out of drywall. It is really coming together, and it relieved a lot of stress I think for both of us. Because up to this point its been hard and messy. Now we are just getting to put it all back together!

The "extra" wall we had to take down and rebuild

For the most part most pieces are always a headache to put up. But this was perfect. Kory did a really good job. LOOK at that edge! perfect all the way down.
This is where our mirror and vanity lights and vanity are going to go

View from the toilet, the hole is for the medicine cabinet.
This is the new ceiling. It is WAY more challenging than it looks.


rain said...

Very nice. I swear, Jeff and I did yard work yesterday, and I feel like I'm going to die of exhaustion still. I don't know what I'd do if I had the stress of dealing with inside, massive house projects. I think the stress alone would kill me. Luckily we have husbands that are so very great at figuring out that stuff, and making it look really professional. But there's also the fact that Saturday's your full day together, and you have to be so disciplined. Good job. I'm way impressed.

KaSs said...

that's awesome! once its over and you settle down, it'll seem like it has always been that way. its going to look fantastic! keep working hard! it'll be over before you know it. are you replacing your tub?

Kory and Amy said...

We are not replacing the tub, I know it looks, kinda ghetto, but once we tile around it and get a new faucet and shower it will look just fine. We really like how deep it is, they don't make them that deep least not in our price range. :)

KaSs said...

Jerome and i were just wondering. The best investment we made was to spend more on a tub. I take baths like 4 times a week. I don't regret it for one second. The one we had already there was deep, but it had been painted and scratched your bum.