Saturday, May 3, 2008


I finally got to walk for my graduation! (after 4 long months of waiting!) It was a very long and very boring ceremony. (as anyone would have guessed) But it was just the closure I needed. Up until now I kind of felt like I just stopped going to class. The best part about graduation was the bag pipes. I thought that was pretty cool, so it kind of made up for the rest. I still had fun, and my parents got me some beautiful flowers. My dad said to me as he handed them to me, "They are red and blue, for Utah and BYU." (I didn't go to BYU, its an inside joke about the school rivalry between me and my dad.) But I know that even though I didn't graduate from his School, I know he is still really proud of me. Thanks to Kory, My sister Liesel (and crew) and my Parents for making the long journey up to my school to be there.


Thats Me! (I know its blurry, but Kory tried really hard but the camera tweeked out on him and since I've been in his shoes once before, I totally understand.)

My super supportive husband....I wouldn't have been able to do it without him encouraging me to keep it up, and for supporting me both mentally and financially. :)

Thanks to my sister Liesel for coming all the way, I know it was hard for her to come and pack her babies all that way. I appreciate her support , friendship and love.

My parents, they really have always been my inspiration when it comes to my education. I still remember my mom's advice to me as a freshmen "Sit on the front row, it will make a huge difference" and "Get involved at the institute, it will help you stay close to the gospel, and make good friends." and she was right! (bet you love it when I tell you that mom) And for my dad who finally learned that good things come from the U too! (just kidding dad, I am grateful for all your constant wisdom and advice throughout my college career and life. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

After the graduation, I had an awesome barbecue and I was so grateful for everyone who came and supported me on this important day. I hope that all who cam had fun. I also wanted to thank everyone who came, for the cards, to my mom for all her hard work in getting it all together, and to my mother in-law for letting us throw it in her back yard, and for all her help. I couldn't have asked for a better day!
The grub! (provided by Mom J and Mom M)
The cute cake my mom got me! (the diploma even had words on it!)
These were the center pieces, crafted by yours truly...Oh how I love the dollar store!

Rainy lookin' oh so fine!
The Jeff Anderson clan

My sisters and dadOf course ash is holding the adi the whole time... :) I think someone needs a baby!

My mom with my sisters new dog "Mo" or Moses

Kory and Jess & Skylar Flygare. (fli-ger)The bravos: Dewey, Chuck, and is that Nick? I can barely see him hiding behind that pole

Grandkids and Great grand kids , both sides
Sarah and Jay , and is Ashley still holding that baby?

Kory and me

This is right after Nicolas fell off the Teador-totter, the only thing that made him stop was when he was offered a piece of cake, he just said "OK" and stopped crying.

Kim and Wendy, and their beautiful daughters

My dad

The Brownings
Diana put paper in her Jon's burger.
Diana convinced Kory to go on this with her. Then she made him stop because she was going to throw up.

He only smiles when he is disoriented. :)
Then Maddy wanted a turn. Kory made me go it with Jess, and it was the scariest thing I have ever been on! I seriously thought it was going to come undone.

Then Jacob and Nicolas wanted a turn. At first they were all smiles.

And Nicolas pleasantly enjoyed it...

but Jacob did not. when it started to move he just goes "Wow" and grabbed the bars. then he said "I wan down, down I wan down." Even though he was scared it was still pretty funny.


rain said...

So I will have you know that today I got around to tasting your cake and it was DE-LISH! Seriously, the whole no sugar thing that you've embraced is totally holding you back. I wanted to thank you for the BBQ last night. It was really nice to get out and enjoy an evening of being catered to before getting ready to do something bigger than I am used to, and earlier, the next day. We had fun. And thanks for the food!

Chelsey said...

Congratulations~ I'm sure that you are super excited to finally be done. Now you can move on to bigger and better things...and hopefully put that education to some good use!

jbfly said...

That ride was seriously the FUNNEST thing in the WORLD!!!!! I could ride roller coasters/that thing all day long!

That party was so much fun, thanks for inviting us!!!