Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pioneer Day Weekend

We didn't really celebrate pioneer day on Thursday because we both worked that day, and on Friday. But I did go camping on Friday night to Saturday morning with my family and had a blast! Here are some of the pictures from the trip...

We also started to tile our bathroom this weekend! It will be finished tomorrow night (except we are 4 pieces short! 4, which wont be here until who knows when...) I don't want to post pictures yet until it is all finished sorry, you will just have to wait...

On to the pictures...

On our way to camping, the Hil's kids were SOOOO excited!

Five minutes on the road, I turned around and this is what I saw...

Nicolas was the last to conk out, you can see him here is eyes are half glazed, he was fighting it..

About half way up the drive, hil's car overheated due to the air conditioning, so we pulled over for a minute and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the clouds.
Just for funThen we saw this bear!
Not really, it was just a bull, but he huffed his nose at us like he was going to charge us...
When we got there, we went straight to the lake, where the kids swam, ate and fed cheetos to a family of ducks

Maddy with her cheeto face
Believe it or not, Jacob shared his cheeto with the ducks! I know his belly says otherwise...
And I held Baby Hinkley, he is at that fun stage where he laughs and coos at everything. Its not the best picture, but I think its funny
After the lake we came back to my parents camp site, and set up our tents, had dinner, and sat around the CAMP FIRE!

My mom, sisters and the kids all hanging out by the fire.
Since everyone had a baby in there arms, I made the smores for everyone. Aislynn got the graham crackers and chocolate ready. Jacob did some karateHe was really just showing me his hand for some reason.
Hilary and Nicolas enjoying the campfire
My dad and mom
Maddy and Jacob in front of our tentAnd then Nicolas
The trees which I couldn't get enough of, they were so beautiful!

In the morning I was telling Hilary I had a hard time sleeping for the most part because I was worried about bears, and Maddy looked at me and said very reassuring, like a mother to a scared daughter.

"Amy, there are not bears camping, just cows!"

And then when Nicolas woke up he sat up and looked around the tent and said
"We are outside? We sleeped outside!"

Then on our way home Maddy started to panic and said very frantically as she tried to describe her first mosquito bite "My foot is tickling all by myself!"

I had a lot of fun, and I was very grateful that my parents invited me.


Kelli and/or Kyle said...

Why didn't Kory go?

Amy said...

Because he doesn't like camping he said...but he ended up wishing he went after all.

rain said...

I don't really like camping, either. But your trip looked fun. I guess I should say, I don't like camping when I'm pregnant, or have small babies, because it's just way too much work. I think it's the lack of accessible running hot and cold just stresses me out too much.

KaSs said...

Kory's a butt for not going. That's right Kory you're a big BUTT! I'm glad maddy's wearing your old shirt like a dress. :0) Looks like fun. i want to go camping before i get big!

bearclaw said...

what do you mean you dont like camping? we used to go all the time and then mess with nick when he fell asleep. whats not fun about that?

Amy said...

Hilary totally went camping when she was like 8 months prego with Maddy...just a thought

LeeRae said...

How fun~ ^ ^
Hilary and you look so much alike in those pictures~~~ ^ ^
Hilary has really good looking kids...