Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Kory had to go to Idaho Falls on Sunday night and I decided to go with him, because I have family up there.

I am not going to give you exact details of the trip, because that would be for the most part boring. But some things did happen that I deem post worthy.

The first:

I highly recommend staying in the Idaho Falls Holiday Inn Express. Kory has been trying to tell me how great they are for months now, but never having stayed in one I didn't believe it. And after my last two stays in Hotels (see Any of my posts from Wyoming), I had started to believe that staying in a Hotel was not as relaxing to me as it used to be. Well, the Idaho falls hotel was FABULOUS! Maybe it was because Kory is a priority member now, but we were treated like royalty! And it's not that they did anything out of the normal, it was just the things the didn't do. Like they didn't come knock on my door at eight, nine, ten... you get the idea. And when I called back not once but three times to get the internet to work, they were all smiles. I felt welcomed the whole time. It was GREAT!

Our room
The second:

God hears and answers prayers.

So while spending the day with my cousin, we had errands to run. One of those was me picking up my aunts car, so I could meet my cousin at the car repair shop to pick her and her kids up.
For some reason I was really nervous about this, so when I got behind the wheel, I said a quick prayer that nothing would happen to this car.

We ran all our errands, and went back to my aunts house to return the car. Mind you this was chaos, as we had a car full of groceries, and tired, hungry worn out kids. Well as my cousin was going inside, I offered to drive the car into the garage. Being cautious I inched forward into the garage. Thats when I heard this

"AMY AMY STOP!" My cousin yelled from the door. I slammed on my breaks thinking I was about to hit a kid or a cat. When I see nothing, I look back and see one of the doors was left open by the one of her kids, and I am inches away from taking the door off!

So you are probably like so what? Well, here is where it all gets strange, or rather my prayer was answered. At the time when the door was about to get ripped off, my cousin was supposed to be in the house. However the key that is ALWAYS by the door to the house was gone, preventing my cousin from going inside. Making it so she turned around to go look for the key at the exact moment to see and scream for me to stop.

But it doesn't stop there. My aunt and uncle are on a service mission for the LDS church back east helping out with the pageants and such this summer, and at the exact moment that I was pulling into the garage, my aunt had this sick feeling in her stomach and felt prompted to call my cousin to make sure everything was ok.

Right after Julie yelled at me to stop, her cell phone started to ring.

So after just being relieved that my cousin turned around in time to see. We began to look for the key to the house in the car, because that was the only logical place. After searching both cars up and down, I said another prayer that we would find out where the keys were. Almost instantly, I got a prompting to look at my aunts car keys.

I looked down and saw a key that said "house" so, duh right? I went to try to see if that key would fit, and it did, and sure enough the keys to the house were sitting on the counter.

Well, I assumed that my cousin had gone in earlier and placed the keys on the counter and then locked the door with the car key set. That was the conclusion we came to.

Later, we found out that while we were out running errands, the neighbor had this feeling that he needed to go get their mail right then. When he got there he saw the car was gone, and being a cop he took the precaution and put the house key inside the house and locked the door with his own set! And that is how the key ended up inside.

I would say it was only a coincidence, but I know that it was the spirit. How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father for hearing and answering my prayers!


Kory said...

Go Holiday Inn Express!

rain said...

Glad for your inspiration. Sometimes that's the best feeling, knowing things could have gone terribly wrong, and yet they didn't because you were looked out for. So, was it a nice trip? I saw that Holiday Inn Express was nice, but did you have fun with your family? How would that be.....

Angie said...

What a story. I wish we could have met up.