Thursday, July 3, 2008

Am I good at guessing or WHAT!

First I win the contest on Kelli's blog and now I am totally right about when our floors would come in. (not to mention my mad skills on the radio, that make Kyle insanely jealous) Maybe I have super powers, or witch like powers that make things happen? I don't know but even though this may seem like an awesome super power, sometimes my negative attitude gets me into trouble. Cancel cancel? Anyway
Sure enough I got a call today that our floors came in. Awesome. Too bad we wont be able to put them in until Monday....BAH So we STILL have two more weeks on our bathroom to go, even though, this was supposed to be the last week. OH WELL !

As for those who think I win too much, I tried my hardest to win myself some stadium of fire tickets both yesterday and today so I could sell them for diamonds and gold, but no such luck.


Shauna said...

You're just getting started sister!(on the winning thing) I loved your class last night by the way.

rain said...

Man, where did you get that gene? I never win ANYTHING. So, I'm going with Kyle and being insanely jealous. Because that's the kind of person I am.