Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting ready to Tile

Tomorrow our tile comes! I am so excited I can't wait really. We got everything done in our bathroom on Saturday to get ready for the tile. We even worked on our kitchen a little, and I measured and cut MY first piece of drywall, with of course Kory by my side coaching me the whole way. It did make me appreciate all his hard work on our house. Because as much as I want to believe in the fact that TV tells the truth always, I must admit that what you see on TV for the most part is fiction... Before we bought our house, I used to spend most of my free time glued to the TV watching show like Flip that house, and Trading spaces, and just day dreaming about how it would be to work on our house. But believe you me, no more! Working on a house is HARD work, it's time consuming, messy, dusty, straining physically, financially, and emotionally. But it is also one of the most rewarding things to see ALL your hard work FINALLY paying off, to look back and say, WE DID THAT!


Kyle said...

I'm glad you guys enjoy it.

It's starting to look pretty nice in there.

KaSs said...

It IS a TON of hard work, but its so nice when you're done! You'll soon truly enjoy the fruits of your labors... We'll soon be without a kitchen and i wont truly appreciate my kitchen until i don't have one. Have fun with it!!

rain said...

Awesome. I want to see when you're all done. The last mental picture I have of your home is the bathroom kind of being a great big hole, and your living room/entry way being plasticked off.