Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy busy 4th of July

This weekend was highly productive for both Kory and I, we both felt like we got so much done, with little stress.

4th of July!

We got up and went and picked up our floor from home depot. We were hoping they would have rolled it up so that it was only 5 feet, but instead they rolled it the other way and it ended up being 12feet wide. Luckily my fabulous little hatchback Hyundai came to the rescue and we were able to fit about 9 feet in the car, no problem and 3 feet out.

We dropped off our floor and then went to my sister Hilary's house for a barbecue. My parents went to lake Tahoe with my brother's family, and my other sister Liesel went somewhere else, no one really knows for sure what they ended up doing. So it was just us and the Patchett's. Brian made some good stakes, and grilled vegetables. My nieces suckered Kory into playing GuessWho and Candyland with them, while I helped with the food prep a little. The food was yummy and the whole thing was super relaxing.

Then we went to the Anderson barbecue, where we visited, and I believe Kory played croquette, rumor has it, it was pretty extreme. I however just enjoyed visiting with everyone. We then watched some killer fireworks, and then drove home, and found out that once we cut down our trees we will have a great view of the Stadium of Fire fireworks from our roof. I think our trees are blocking the WHOLE blocks view of them. I am sure everyone will be grateful when they are gone.

Kory and I enjoying the show

Justin and Mark did the lighting this year

The rest of the folks on the "Cool" side of the yard

Maggie...need I say more?
Austin, Jeremy, and Tim were all pretty excited about the parachutes

Around 8 am I received a TEXT from my sister that said "There is a really big pig in your yard"
I read it as "There is a pig in our yard" rolled back over and tried to sleep. Then I heard this

"CCCCHHHHHHHH" and again "CCCCHHHHH" kinda like the Darth Vader noise. I look out the window and what do I see? (not popcorn popping) but a BIG GIANT pig in my neighbors backyard, which is practically my back yard as we no longer have anything dividing the two yards. SO I am thinking "What are the chances that my sister has a big pig in her yard at the exact same moment as I do!" Then my phone rings and my sister says "We are in front of your house, that pig is in your yard" And then it ALL clicked. I know I am not that sharp in the morning. The funny thing is, that the day before this, my niece told me about how this same pig air balloon landed in her neighbors yard last year, and I thought to myself, "Man, I wish a big pig air balloon would land in my yard! How cool would that be?!" and then it happens! (Its my awesome witch power acting up again)

Because of all the adrenaline I was up and ready to do something, and I decided that instead of gardening, or cleaning, or doing laundry, I was going to do something I have been wanting to do for a REALLY long time. So I set up my table and stuff and I finally started my Honeymoon scrapbook. You see last summer I finished our wedding album, and then school started, and then we bought a house, and I really haven't had time or energy to start a new book. So it felt really good to start again, and since Kory really hasn't had a chance to sleep in much since we bought this house, I decided to let him sleep.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
When Kory woke up we went and played racquetball with Kelli and Kyle. It was fun, even though I have two HUGE bruises on my leg from Kyle. (I bruise like a peach) Thanks you guys for playing with us even though I am really sports challenged.

Then we came home and not only took down the paneling, but framed and put up the sheet rock in our family room. We are still surprised that it all went so smoothly. We like the new arrangement much better too.

This is what it looked like a few weeks after we moved in, even before we replaced the windows

See ya paneling! Hello Floral wall paper

Half sheetrock, half finished

It was a fun weekend!


Chelsboo said...

I can't wait to visit your house someday and see your house all finished. seeing all these remodling stages is fun~

KaSs said...

That looks great! i'll have to come over and see it for real. I'm glad you got a lot done on your house. Kory looks pretty sad watching fire works. He really needs to buck up for pictures. he's going to regret it when your kids ask, "why was daddy always so sad?" What a grump. That's right Kory, i called you a grump!!

Kory said...

It's just an all around bad picture of me. It's serious, not grumpy.

rain said...

I just don't know why you didn't stick with the flower wall paper....also, your hair looked really cute in that picture with Kory...totally trumps his grouchy face. And lastly, I'm assuming the COOL side of the watching fireworks was the side I was sitting on? Of course it was...

John said...

House is looking great. Glad to know you're keeping the Honey-Do list plenty long for Kory. Everytime I think I have finished my honey-do list, Emily gives me something else. Keep the pics coming on the remodel.

Shauna said...

Wow! you're house is looking so stylin! I like your scrap pages too! You have a long distance between your nose and upper lip as Dad would say!

The Domestic Goddess said...

You're headed to Idaho? When? Where? I love the scrap pages Amy.

jbfly said...

WOW, I am overwhelmed with the amount of information to comment on!

First of all, that is soo cool that the pig landed behind your house, I remember seeing it last year up in the air!

Also, You are such an AMAZING scrapbooker! I am actually thinking about maybe paying you to help me make my scrapbook of "ME." I have all the pictures and things etc, I just have no creative/artistic scrapbooking skills!

Your room looks FANTASTIC! I think that was definitely the right thing to do. I think it looks great, and I can't wait to see it!

Well, I hope you're having a fantastic day!


leisha said...

your house looks completely different, kudos.