Friday, July 18, 2008

Brownies and Ice cream any one?

Tuesday was my official first enrichment activity, and it turned out GREAT! We made brownies in a box oven, and ice cream in zip lock bags! I was really nervous about it, but it all went well!

We made the brownies with this lovely box oven!

The ice cream to go on top! Made with milk sugar and vanilla, and only took 5 minutes!

Northpark 3rd ward sisters enjoying the fruits of our labor!

One of the things we just started in enrichment to encourage people to arrive on time, is the EARLY BIRD JAR. Those who come to enrichment on time get to place their name in the jar to win a prize that goes along with the theme. I made that jar, using yet another can of peanut butter. They have come in so handy.
I made 3 of these "Smores Packs" as the prize. (totally makes you want to come to enrichment huh?)


Kory said...

All this from the girl who said she hates relief society.

rain said...

PLEASE tell me you ATE some of the brownies and ice cream? It's like, it cancels it out if you didn't. :)

You are amazing. I wish I had the patience and creativity for stuff like that.

Emily said...

So I'm confused how the box oven works. And how do you make ice cream in 5 minutes w/o liquid nitrogen?

BTW, the s'mores pack is really cute. Way to go enrichment leader!

KaSs said...

That's awesome!! You're going to do so well at this calling, it was made for you!!