Sunday, July 13, 2008

From the mouth of my nephew Andy...


This is what our bathroom looked like on Monday.

6:30 pm Monday night

We tore out the sink, the other two remaining bathroom walls, and took out the window. Seems easy enough right? Well all was going great until I got back from home depot with the cap to close off our old sink, and guess what? It was the WRONG size! And what time is it 9:05 too late to go back and get the right one. Our only option was to shut off the water, and go to bed. We decided we would just live without a toilet and running water for the night.

The pipe with the wrong cap....

Our corroding shower heads that caused all the swelling and warping of the shower in the first place. And our tub filed FULL of all sorts of good stuff!
Our shower head

Tuesday night

Kory's dad comes over and helped us close off all our pipes and install our new shower! When we turn the water back on, we realize that the shower is leaking. Water is again turned off and we go yet another day without water. (we could turn it on for a minute to flush the toilet and wash our hands or fill up our drinking water, so the situation had improved)

Wednesday Day

Kory's dad came and fixed the leak in a flash! And the water is back on! Yeah! Also, we finally found a tile we could both agree on to go on the tub!

Wednesday Night

I am sent to Home depot again to pick up supplies, only to be totally bothered by the sales people there. Everytime, and I mean EVERYTIME I go there, they have to know exactly what it is that I am doing with the parts that I buy, and then try to tell me that I need something different. I get so frustrated because all I wanted to know was where there window sill was. Instead I got told, "We no longer sell window sills" so when I asked ok where are your 1x8's instead of telling me where they are they say "Well what are you using it for?" and I say for a window sill, then they say "Well I would use this kind of board and you don't need a board that big blah blah blah....." and I mean I am just like, first of all, I am just the runner, and all I know is exactly what Kory told me to get. PERIOD. And they don't do it to Kory when he goes, only me. IT MAKES ME SOOO MAD. And it's every department, lumbar, plumbing, electrical. It's so frustrating!

So from the above story, we can't find what we want at home depot, and so we BOTH go to Lowes (we also found out they are open an hour later in case anyone needs something at 9:05pm) we found this information VERY useful.

We don't find anything here either, but Kory gets an idea of what he needs for tomorrow. It's too late to do anything else so we go home and eat a very late dinner and go to bed

Thursday Night

Kory gets all the supplies he needs while I enjoy my dance class.

Friday day

I prime and paint our window sill so Kory can put it in on Saturday morning.


Kory put in the window sill, the window, the insulation and put up the drywall! Its green because it is a special kind for bathrooms to help resist mold and water case you were wondering.

Kory Putting the window sill in (notice the enormous hole in our bathroom we have had ALL week , and our air conditioner was running like CRAZY)
The new window and insulation
Caulked the window and put up the drywall...

So after a very long and draining week, we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel! We found out our tile wont come in until next Monday, we are hoping by some freak incident it will show up sooner so we can get this bathroom finished.


rain said...

Looks great. I'm sure that's a Huge relief...I can't concentrate when we have any water problems. I freak out and focus on not having any water to drink, to flush the toilet, to do's too much for me to handle. I about had a panic attack looking at all your pictures.

Kyle said...

WAAAYYY too much work.

Looks alot nicer though.

Bob sure is handy with the plumbing. It's a good thing he's in the family... aka started the family.

Hurry and get done so that the BASEMENT can get worked on!!

Kelli &/or Kyle said...

Do you know that your link says "Jersome" Miles? And I agree with Kyle...too much work. I love apartments!

Emily said...

Wow! That sounds like you had a crazy, stressful week. We definitely take running water for granted, and windows too! The bathroom will look great when it is done. That's nice that Kory and his dad have those kind of skills. I can't wait to see the "after" pics.

KaSs said...

Dry wall makes so much difference!!! It makes that light at the end of the tunnel shine sooo much brighter!! We buy window sills all of the time at home depot. Jerome knows that store inside and out, if you want to know where something is call him! Seriously!! He wont mind and it might be more helpful than they are. Good luck with getting the rest finished. it looks great so far!!

Kat Clark said...

Rennovating sure does sound like a lot of work! Every new step looks great though! Keep up the good work! :)

Kyle said...

Oh, also, I love the new background to the blog. The art's neat.

But the aquamarine color kinda hurts my eyes.

Wendy said...

Your house is looking wonderful. I never saw the original, but I can tell you are working hard! No worries...Alaska isn't permanant, promise! But I will choose wisely! And there are PLENTY of pharmacies up here!!