Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I went to the doctor on Monday and got some of my questions answered about what is going on with my body and the baby.

(Side note, I wanted to take back what I said about the lab tech, she was much better this time, and I feel bad for being bothered by her, lets blame the hormones shall we?)

So here is the good news, I am sort of not on bed rest anymore, because the bleeding has stopped. My doctor did however put me on Pelvic Rest, and gave me permission to do light housework, so I can put laundry away, and rinse the dishes, and do some light chores. Which I was doing all along, because lets face it that is just how I am.

But what I can't do is mop, vacuum, use any sort of toxic chemical, or be around paint. And to only lift Axel if I need to. He kind of was in the air about that one. Like you can do what you need to do, but just be cautious. He told me I could get out of the house as needed but to not go on shopping sprees. Light errands he said. This all came to such a relief to me, because I am fine with sitting and resting, I can tell my body needs it, but I feel ok to do some things.

So I am on Pelvic Rest.

Pelvic Rest? That is what I said. You don't here about THAT kind of rest all that often, so I had no idea what it was, nor did I ask any questions, (because I never do) But I just kind of assumed it was a step up from Bed Rest. You know first there's bed rest, then pelvic rest, then just taken it easy.

So I have been telling everyone that I am just on Pelvic Rest. Hoping that they would just assume the same. WRONG, instead I get confused faces. And yes, I even told my relief society president that I was only pelvic rest now.

Well, today I decided to look it up.

And I wont go in to details, if you really want to know look it up. But basically I am mortified that I have been throwing the term around so casually. Yikes TMI!

But the bad news is, I have to wait 2 more weeks until I get a follow up ultrasound to see if the kid has survived this trauma. My doctor said, we are going to be optimistic about it tho, because I'm not bleeding anymore and my HCG levels are high, and of course we saw the heart beat, even though it was slow, we will assume that all is going well now.

In the mean time I have had oodles and gobs of help from lots of friends and family, people have brought us yummy dinners, stopped by to visit, taken me on errands, and taken care of Axel so I can rest. I have also received countless texts and emails from people wishing me well and that they are praying for me. I feel so blessed and loved that I have so many people looking after me at this time. So thanks folks, you know who you are so I wont mention names. But I am soooo grateful.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that after we got our ultrasound Kory and his dad gave me a priesthood blessing. I honestly felt soo much peace during, and after, and I know that all will be ok and that I will survive this ordeal. Come what may, I am prepared.


Diana and Jon said...

That's really funny. I definitely know what pelvic rest is and that's hilarious that you've been telling everybody that.

rain said...

I'll have to check on what exactly pelvic rest is...because now I'm very interested. But I'm glad that you have a lot of people supporting you during this time. I think sometimes, that makes all the difference, to know that someone is happy to help. So rest that pelvis. And tell Kory that your pelvis is completely off limits.

Sarah said...

I haven't looked up the term but because of my dirty mind, I think I can guess at what it is :) Poor Kory!!
So glad to hear you are getting better. Good luck and text me if you need anything!

Jess~ca said...

HA! That's all I can say... Except I'm so glad that everything is looking sunshiney and optimistic--- Thanks for keeping me updated!! I'm glad to know you are doing okay!

[vanilla with sprinkles] said...

Amy I'm so glad you and the baby ok. You will be in our prayers. I had to look up what pelvic rest was but now I get why it's so funny... hahaha

Emily said...

Oh, this made me laugh out loud! Being put on pelvic rest is usually something you don't share with your relief society pres but that's fine. Still thinking about you!

Rachel Mae said...

I'm so behind on blogs--I didn't even realize you were pregnant! Congrats and I hope you get good news with your next ultrasound. I too had a minor subchorionic bleed at the beginning of this pregnancy and had to have pelvic rest explained to me (but I probably ask too many questions). Anyway, hope yours heals up just fine!