Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Halloween Stuff

This week has been a fun one for us. It feels like things are starting to be normal again. Which has been nice for me. Well except the puking my brains out almost every night.

On Monday after our appointment, I was in such a good mood that I finally had the motivation and desire to work on Axel's costume, and it turned out SUPER CUTE. I'm not gonna lie.Then on Tuesday we went to Mike's Halloween Train aka the "Nightmare Express". I am so glad we went the first day, I have heard the wait has been insane. We were able to just walk right in and had no wait. I am always impressed with this event each year. It just seems more and more organized and put together. We only got a few pictures this year because we didn't have to wait very long.
On Thursday, we were back to having Story come and play. Axel was SO excited to see her. When she came inside the house, he was in the kitchen, but then saw that it was her and came running or crawling in to see her. He stood by her side the whole day fake laughing to her like he was sooo funny. She was a good sport about it too, and tolerated his excitement. At first she was a little stressed out by our dogs, but then she warmed up and had a blast that day. We did some dancing and singing and of course when Uncle Kory came home she ran right up to our table to her seat, because she knew it was time to eat. We put Axel's costume to the test and showed it to story, and she grabbed it and hugged it and said Hi Pablo, and then attempted to put it on. She then continued to wear the part she could the rest of her stay with us until it was time to leave with Mom. Hmmmm I think I know what to make her for her Birthday now.

Then on Friday, Maddy had her Birthday Party. It was a Halloween Party, and I helped Hilary with it. WE had fun decorating and planning, but I didn't any pictures of all the cute work she put into it. Bummer. Axel didn't have a nap that day because we were over there all day, and he was just all over the place. He had a blast. So much so that he fell asleep at like 6:30 that night. It was fun to see Maddy with all her friends and as her little Social self. She is such a people person.

Axel pretty much thinks these two kids (and Aislynn, she wasn't dressed yet) are the greatest in the world. He calls Nicolas "Cus cus" He thinks the world of them.

Cinderalla the Birthday Girl. So beautiful
Nicolas WAS going to be IRON man but decided last minute that Dracula was scarier, and opted to be that again this year. He is doing his "Scary Pose"
I am sad I didn't get a good picture of Aislynn. She was a very darling Indian, oops I mean Native American, or wait a First American, however you say it now, she was cute and cliche and had long black braids and a feather in her hair. You can kinda see her in this picture below. But my mom just threw together this costume for her, last minute, no trouble at all, because she is just amazing like that.
And here are some of the other kids from the party, this doubled in size but I forgot to take a picture of them all. We probably had 20 kids. It was intense.

Axel had fun playing with the soccer ball in the back yard most of the time.


KaSs MiLeS said...

Story was trying to steal my iPad to get a good look at paublo/Axel. You did an awesome job on his costume!! Story loved it. :)

Kory said...

Amy made that Pablo costume from scratch! And that Jedi kid has no time for pictures.

rain said...

I LOVE the Paublo costume! It's so great...and I really didn't see that when you'd mentioned him wearing a Paublo costume, before. I thought it would be kinda lame. I always think that about Jeff's ideas and then I'm totally blown away by the end result. That's the under-creative mind, for you. When you have no imagination, you aren't easily impressed. ;)