Friday, October 29, 2010


The Anderson family had their usual Halloween Party this year a few weeks ago. I was technically still not supposed to go, but decided to go anyway. I am glad I did, although the result of me going DID put me back in bed for a couple more days. But it was WELL worth it.

Because it was SO early this year (sorry but it was) and because I was put on bed rest right at the beginning of October, I hadn't had a chance to get any of our costumes put together. SO this year we didn't participate in the costume part. Luckily for Kory and Axel, Kelli brought us some wigs. I think one of them was supposed to be for me, but Kory really wanted to dress up Axel as that chick from the grudge that crawls around (because of his crawling) but never got around to getting him a wig, so when we saw that they got a long black wig, we had to put it on him. PERFECT!

I didn't take too many photos tho, but the ones I did take were too cute to not share. So here they are!

Are these boys not to die for? Seriously! oh how I love that Ashdon is ALWAYS smiling, and Krew and Axel could be brothers with those twinner jammies and scary scowls. I think They both may have out grump'd that little Frankenstein :) (Who by the way was the cutest little Frankenstein you have EVER seen)

I had to capture this moment of Story just In AWE of her Grandma. She really loves this lady and I think this picture just shows what a special relationship they have. I also love how Maida dressed up! Her Witch costume was great, I definitely had costume envy. And the fact that story was a little Bumble bee was just perfect for her. Cutest little bumble bee EVER!

We were singing the Bumble Bee song to her, and Maggie stops us and says "That is just gross!"

"I said what is gross Maggie?"

"You're singing about squishing a baby?! Its just a baby?"

Ah sweet Maggie, so smart and always thinking about the environment and the world around you. (Your mother has taught you well :) )

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KaSs MiLeS said...

I love that picture of story and my mom. She loves her grandma so much.
Axel makes a beautiful girl by the way, your current fetus has a good shot of being adorable. :)