Saturday, October 2, 2010

summer is over.

I am sad about this. I love the summer so so much. I love the fall too, except for that fact that it's the season before the one I hate the most...winter. Winter is hard for me, there is nothing I enjoy about it. (Maybe Christmas) but I would enjoy Christmas in the dead heat of July too.

So before I embrace the fall just yet I have a few final summer pictures to post.

A few weeks ago my computer broke, and then we got it fixed, that then it broke again, so I had to go up to the Mac store in Salt Lake to get it fixed. I had Story that day, and so Ashley and Ashdon agreed to come with us to help me with the kids, AND we also thought we would make a fun trip out of it. YAY FOR COUSINS!


Getting them all to look at the camera just didn't work. So here is one of Ashdon looking
We went to that Water fountain right outside the store. All three had such a fun time! Here are some pictures! We were pretty much the only ones there, so it was kinda nice.

At first they were NOT sure what to so. And they all just stared.

Then Story took the plunge and ran out first.
Once they knew it was safe the boys joined her. And it was just kids running crazy from there on.
Except for the SUPER lame part where they made us stay out and watch some half time show, to God Bless America. It was lame, and the kids were ticked.

We had so much fun a few days later we met up with Hilary and Kassie at the one in Spanish Fork, which we WAY more crowded, and lots more chaotic, but the kids still had fun. Go here for pictures of that day, I didn't take any.


KaSs MiLeS said...

I love that picture of them all in the backseat together too funny.

Melonius said...

I have always felt that way about fall too. I think living in New England helped a bit, since fall there is so amazing, but there's always that big "w" word looming in the distance.

Jess~ca said...

Fall is on its way in here in Georgia, too. It feels so great outside--


It is great dog and baby walking weather :(


rain said...

Such cute "babies in water" pictures. You know how I feel about Fall and Winter, so I won't get into that. But, I hope that you ARE enjoying how hot it's been, lately. Because I haven't been. I've hated it. And I hope that at least there is something good coming out of it.

Sarah said...

I am so sad about the end of summer. Today just confirmed that it is really over :( We need to live somewhere with only spring, summer and fall seasons! I love that they all got to hang out together!

Kory said...

Axel looks like he has a blow hole in two of those pictures!

Jessie Eyre said...

I can't believe I missed Kory's birthday post! How does that happen?!


You guys said October would be okay for a din din over here? Lets set one up. What nights are best for you?