Sunday, February 3, 2008

Slowely but Surely

The remodeling begins!
Here are some of the pictures from our remodel. Besides the ceilings, we haven't started anything too big.

We got rid of the popcorn ceilings here, and replaced the light. You cant really tell by the pictures.

Last Saturday night Kory had an accident with a finger smashing dishwasher. We wanted to remove the old yellow dishwasher from our kitchen and as we were moving out down our stairs to the garage, his finger got smashed between the wall and dishwasher. It is getting better, the back of it hurts still but the cuts are healing.

We found this spoon, its gold and has a rose on it....This was the first piece of treasure we came across. This was under the dishwasher.

We found this box of unopened Rice in some shelves that were hidden inside the wall behind the cupboards that we took down. The cupboards were built over the shelves, and apparently they forgot about the rice. The cupboards were built in the 70's and the box was swollen. We didn't dare open the box, for fear of what would be inside.

This is after we took the cupboard doors off.

This is what was behind our cupboards, notice the shelves built in the wall where we found the rice.

We had a box in our kitchen on the floor, and we thought it was part of an air duct or something, but it turns out it was just a covering some tea bags, and filters.

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KaSs said...

The joys of remodeling!! we've found some really weird stuff that was built under the sheetrock in our house. And it's not really remodeling without someone getting cut open or a trip to the hospital!!! don't worry, they'll be much more to come! Good luck! keep taking pictures of everything before and after!